Detailed explanation of management measures for wheat filling period

January 10, 2021

The good management of wheat grain filling period has a great impact on quality and yield. Today, I will share with you how to manage the wheat filling period and the management measures of wheat filling period!

Wheat filling period is an important stage in wheat planting and is the period of wheat grain formation. Wheat in the filling stage stores the starch produced by photosynthesis and the transformed protein in wheat seeds by assimilation. Therefore, the management of wheat grain filling period is the key to realizing the economic value of wheat. Then, how to manage wheat grain filling period? The management measures of wheat filling period are introduced as follows.

First, foliar spray fertilizer

In the late growth stage of wheat, the root absorption capacity is weakened. Foliar topdressing can prolong the functional period of wheat leaves, improve photosynthesis, prevent disease and fall, reduce dry heat and wind damage, and accelerate the filling speed. It can be used with 0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate. Foliar application of 2% urea mixture or Other ecologically active fertilizer. Spray the first time about 5 days after the flowering, and spray again once every 7 days to increase the 1000-grain weight and optimize the grain quality.

Second, "one spray comprehensive prevention"

The grain filling stage of wheat is the peak period of various pests and diseases, and it is also a key period to increase the 1000-grain weight of wheat. The main control targets in this period include wheat bran and wheat powdery mildew, rust, scab and leaf blight. When controlling wheat diseases and diseases, the occurrence of pests in the field should be considered, and different control techniques should be adopted to achieve the effect of one spray and multiple defenses. The specific control method is that the wheat bran can be sprayed with 10% imidacloprid or 40% omethoate 1000-1500 times; when it is necessary to treat powdery mildew, rust and scab, add the fruit to the aphid Li or 50% carbendazim 800 times liquid mixed spray control. Note that the amount of liquid per acre is not less than 30 kg. It should be sprayed thoroughly to make all the parts of the wheat, especially the lower leaves, and the medicine should not be taken for granted. Mixed medication should be used with the device, do not store.

Third, the weeds are removed

Wheat fields with malignant weeds such as wheat, wild oats, and buckwheat should be removed in time and combined with other agricultural activities, and taken out of the field to eliminate them before seeding.

Fourth, lodging wheat remedy

The lodging that occurs before the grain filling period of wheat can generally restore erect to varying degrees due to the "light head". The lodging occurred in the later stage of grouting, because the "head weight" is not easy to fully recover from erect, often only the ear and the stem under the ear can raise the head, but timely measures to remedy the significance of increasing the number of kernels and grain weight. If you fall down due to wind and rain, you can use the bamboo poles to gently shake off the raindrops on the stems and leaves, and relieve the pressure to help them raise their heads, but don’t provoke them to upset, or use the hand to help the wheat and bundle . Spray potassium dihydrogen phosphate at 150-200 grams per acre to promote growth and grouting.

Fifth, timely harvest

Wheat has good harvest quality and high yield during wax ripening. In large-area harvesting, the wax is ripe in the early mid-term, and the small area is most suitable at the end of waxing. According to different varieties and cultivation conditions, arrange the harvesting sequence, early hand-to-hand, assault and grab, and harvest at the right time. This period to the maturity stage is a key period for preserving roots, protecting leaves, preventing premature aging, increasing grain weight, and preventing natural disasters such as drought, flood, wind, pests, and lodging, so don't let these problems affect the joy of harvest, then Just put it aside.

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