40 flat small apartment decoration skills small apartment decoration notes

January 11, 2021

Now that housing prices are high, many people choose to live in small houses. 40 flats are mostly single-family flats, and 40 flats need to control the space when the decoration of the small space, then 40 flat small space decoration expansion skills? The following small series and everyone together to find out about the 40 flat small apartment decoration techniques And precautions.

40 square meters small apartment decoration skills

1, decorative features

Small apartment decoration must not be too complicated to choose, choose a concise and refined decoration is the most appropriate. The fine features of small-sized units are economical, useful, and comfortable, and they also reflect a certain amount of civilized taste.

2, the entire decoration planning

The overall decoration plan must be clearly organized, such as putting cabinets or large mirrors at the entrance, the focus shifted to these simple European features of the furniture, the effect is very good. The TV cabinet and the bookcase make a transparent shape that reduces the clunkiness of the wood and the surrounding guitar shows are interesting. A large area of ​​glass partitions is transparent and directly expands the spatial appearance.

3, use multi-purpose furniture

Small space in the choice of furniture must pay attention not to choose a large, so that the scope of activities in space will be reduced, so choose the most suitable small multifunctional furniture. The choice of furniture should be based on people, supplemented by admission.

Small apartment decoration notes

1, should not choose a complex shape of the ceiling

Because of the small space, so in the choice of the shape of the ceiling, to choose a small and simple, this will not give the space a sense of oppression. Of course, you can choose not to do ceilings, and then make a ceiling with a small space, which makes it easy for the ceiling to look too restrictive.

2. Dividing the ground decoration of the area

The ground area is clearly divided. In the decoration of small houses, many people will use different materials or heights in each functional area in order to emphasize that a certain area is the center of gravity. In fact, it is easy to create visual obstacles and waste.

3, should not choose too big furniture

Small-sized units should be based on small, practical standards. Excessively inappropriate, of course, storage should also be fully considered. When choosing a bed, you can choose to have a drawer around you. The choice of the wardrobe can be considered smaller and more hierarchical. It is best to plan dimensions on the drawings in advance and place them for purchase.

4, wall color

The color of the wall surface should be chosen in consideration of the saturated color and the pure color, so that the effect of the visual extension is extended, giving a feeling of spaciousness and brightness.

5, do not cut off hard

There are limitations in space, so use fewer rigid partitions, if you can not use it. You can choose some glass or more transparent material, so it will not affect the lighting.

6, the blind use of mirrors

Many people use a large number of mirrors indoors because they have the feeling of expanding space. This is wrong. Because the mirror has a reflective effect, it is easy to give people a sense of vertigo. Place the mirror in place, not blindly.

The above is a brief introduction to the 40-level small-sized apartment decoration and decoration notices. After reading the book, is it better to know more about the small-sized units in the renovation? I hope the above can help everyone, if you want to learn more For related information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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