Development of digital precision measuring instruments (2)

October 28, 2018

·The development of photoelectric non-contact measuring instruments for shaft parts is rapidly developing. The demand for automotive manufacturing has greatly advanced the development of non-contact measurement technology for shaft precision parts. TESA Scan series of shaft parts rapid scanning measuring instrument from TESA of Switzerland adopts two linear array CCD components to project the workpiece through the rotation and axial movement of the workpiece, which can realize the accurate detection of the position error and shape error of the shaft parts. For the comparison of the cross-sectional shape and the profile and the statistical mass analysis, it is also possible to make a large-scale measurement of the parts (such as transition curves, micro-grooves, etc.). Since the workpiece column can be tilted, it is possible to accurately measure the full parameter accuracy of the thread, the worm, the screw, etc., which is a major feature of the PLUS series of the instrument. The resolution of the instrument in the diameter direction is 0.0003mm, and the accuracy is 2+ (0.01D)? m, repeatability 0.001 mm.

SCHNEIDER's WMM series of shaft and tool measuring instruments are easy to operate and have high measuring speed, especially suitable for workshop inspection stations. The instrument uses a high-resolution Matrix camera to quickly acquire measurement data. The digital resolution of the instrument is 0.0001mm, and the uncertainty of length measurement is E2=(2.0+L/200)? m (L unit is mm).

·Two-dimensional, three-dimensional non-contact measuring instruments for small and medium-sized planar precision parts. The optical coordinate measuring instruments with multi-sensor probes with CCD digital camera, laser probe and trigger probe have been rapidly developed. In addition to the MARVISION series of 3D optical coordinate measuring machines from Germany MAHR, the TESA VISIO of the TESA company in Switzerland, and the SKM series 3D multi-measuring coordinate measuring machine from SCHNEIDER, Germany, the famous manufacturers such as OGP in the US There are also corresponding product displays. The SV350-pro measuring machine in the series of CNC video measuring systems of Mitutoyo Corporation of Japan uses self-made ultra-high precision, high resolution, low expansion glass grating reference ruler with instrument resolution of 0.01?m, X and Y axis measurement. Is the accuracy (0.3+L/1000)? The measurement accuracy of m and Z axis is (1+2L/1000)? m. The X and Y axis measurement accuracy of Mitutoyo's Hyper MF measuring microscope exceeds the 0 level specified by the Japanese standard, up to ±(0.9+3L/1000)? m, with an instrument resolution of 0.01 μm, is ideal for precision inspection of precision molds, precision cutting tools and ultra-small semiconductor electronic components such as chips and integrated circuits. Domestic Xi'an Edward, Dongguan Wanyi, Suzhou Yixin, Shenzhen Xinlei and Beijing Tiandiyu also developed similar products. Guiyang Xintian Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has paid attention to new product development in recent years. In 2004, it successfully launched the JX13C image processing universal tool microscope. It uses metal grating and high resolution CCD camera. The measurement accuracy of the instrument reaches (1.0+L/100). m, using semiconductor laser guidance to quickly determine the measurement position. JX15A/B video measuring microscope also adopts CCD digital imaging technology, and the collected image of the measured workpiece is sent to the computer for processing, and the corresponding geometric precision is detected. The technical index and level of the product are on a grade. Shenzhen Zhitai VMT series 3D image measuring instrument is equipped with high-precision triggering probe on the CCD vision measuring system to realize multi-function measurement.

To ensure detection accuracy CNC machine CNC cutting quality, in addition to processing and after completion of processing the NC machining system (including a workpiece included) to monitor for possible detection Progress laser measurement technology <br> <br> In addition, it is a very important quality control measure to test the accuracy and performance of CNC machine tools before machining in order to understand the current status of machine tool quality and then make necessary adjustment and compensation to achieve the best running performance.

It is well known that laser interferometer measuring systems and ballbars produced by well-known foreign companies such as Renishaw, API and HP are in the detection and monitoring of the geometric accuracy and motion accuracy of CNC machine tools, whether in machine tool manufacturers or machine tool factories. Both have been widely used. Renishaw's Gold M10 Laser Interferometry System is equipped with high-precision, high-sensitivity temperature, pressure, humidity sensors and EC10 environmental compensation devices to further improve measurement accuracy in the working environment; API's Rmtea six-dimensional laser measurement system can be At the same time, the error of 6 CNC machine tool precision items is measured, the detection time is shortened, and a more rapid and efficient precision measurement method is provided for the detection and diagnosis of CNC machine tools on the production site. The MJS series dual-frequency laser interferometer of Chengdu Tool Research Institute has a resolution of 0.01?m. The measurement software covers the accuracy evaluation methods and indicators of CNC machine tools in China and the world's major industrial countries. The dynamic sampling function can be used for automatic compensation.

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