How to do the hydropower reform in the basic process of hydropower renovation

January 11, 2021

Water and electricity renovation in home renovation is a very important hidden project. If it is not done well, repairing will be troublesome in the later period. Therefore, the renovation of hydropower is very important. Today Xiaobian brings you the basic flow of hydropower renovation and decoration. Friends who are ready to decorate can learn about it!

Hydropower renovation renovation basic process

1, hydropower positioning

The position of the switch socket and the location of the waterway interface, the location of the hydropower needs to be determined according to the needs of the user. The position of the switch, socket, and faucet should be clearly explained to the user, and the principle of “walking on water and electricity on the ground” should be paid attention to, that is, the water pipe should go to the ceiling, and the strong and weak power should go to the ground as far as possible, and between strong and weak electricity. Can not cross each other and parallel distance greater than 30 cm.

2. Distribution box

The distribution box controls the power consumption in the home. In the installation design, it needs to take into account the ease of use in the future and the hidden security and the direct connection of the outside main line. It should be noted that the electrical circuit cannot be hidden in the building load-bearing wall or column.

3. Electrical circuit design of sockets, switches and lamps

In the design of sockets and switch lamps, indoor variability needs to be taken into account. The use of different spaces is not the same. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the obstacles of re-planning the design of some users during use. For example, the influence of desks, decorative cabinets, and electrical equipment on the use of electricity and water, and attention should be paid to it. The price of new embedding and changing lanes is not the same.

4, ceiling bearing components

In some cases, the lamps used in the home will be relatively large and heavy. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the embedded load-bearing members on the ceiling. It is necessary to consider the problem of load-bearing. Do not install directly on the wooden wedge to avoid indoor unsafe factors.

5, playing slot

It is very easy for a good slotter to play a straight slot and the slot is basically free of any hairy teeth. Therefore, it is also necessary to pay attention to choosing a slotter. Before making a groove, be sure to have the plumber identify all the hydropower on the wall. Remember to compare the hydropower diagrams to see if they are consistent.

6, strong and weak wire tube

The junction between the strong and weak wires in the home is more than 20 cm away from the junction where it needs to be wrapped in tin foil. This is to prevent the mutual influence of strong and weak electricity, and to prevent the emptying of the wall tiles.

7. Waterway reconstruction

When the waterway is reformed, attention must be paid to the cleanliness of the surrounding area. In the contract for renovating the waterway, it is advisable to indicate the material used for the reconstruction of the waterway. In addition, the size of the water pipe in the original room should be taken into account in the reconstruction of the waterway, and the pipe of the external water pipe should be matched with the original water pipe. Hot and cold water pipes should be left hot right cold, the spacing is generally not less than 20cm, depending on the distance between the hot and cold pipe taps.

8, hot water pipe spacing

Hot water pipe spacing should exceed 13cm, so as to ensure that hot and cold water will not affect each other. The outlet pipe of the hot and cold water pipes should protrude 2 to 3cm from the wall to see the inclination of the wall and the thickness of the tiles, so as to ensure that the final outlet pipes protrude from the surface. At the same time, use a level gauge to check if there are horizontal and vertical walls at the two outlets.

And that knowledge give us the basis of the decoration process of water reform, water reform, we can look at, this is a very important step in the decoration Oh! Hope you can help, if you want more information, please continue to pay attention This site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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