What should I pay attention to in the renovation of the building? Building renovation renderings

January 14, 2021

The current buildings are all duplex buildings. One is a double-storey apartment. It is also very convenient to live in. The double-storey building is the middle building. From the outside, it is a one-story building. If you look at it from the inside, there is a two-story decoration. The building in the middle of the building is decorated in the south of China, like Fujian and coastal areas. We are less renovated in the north, but with the changes in society, the renovation of the building in the north is slowly increasing. That today, Xiaobian will introduce to you the attention of the renovation of the building in the middle of the building .


First, the building renovation notice what

1. In the decoration of the living room of the middle building, it is the stairs that are urgent, so this is mainly to introduce the decoration of the stairs. If the stairs do not destroy the atmosphere of the living room, you have to work hard on the selection of materials.

2. The selection of the handrail determines the decoration style of the stairs. Therefore, whether it is metal or glass or rope, it must be consistent with the style of the living room. However, it should be noted that the handrail is not suitable for reflective materials, such as mirror stainless steel.

3. In addition, if there are old people or children in the house, the slope of the stairs should not be too large. Because the stairs are easy to wear in the house, the materials chosen must also be wear resistant.

4, in order to prevent the foot from being hurt when going up the stairs, you can use a wooden stair or round the pedal. After that, considering the height problem, the stairs should also be designed to not meet.


Second, the floor plan of the building renovation

1. How to design the building in the middle of the building? The building in the middle of the building is generally divided into two floors, the first floor is an open public space, mainly bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom. The second floor is a private space, and the study room and bedroom bathroom are designed on the second floor. The privacy of the second floor is designed to emphasize the separation, and the public space on the first floor emphasizes openness.

2. How to design the building in the middle of the building? The building in the middle of the building should be built according to the actual situation. The requirements for lighting are higher, mainly to give the home more credit for the color. The design of the building can be designed like a villa. It can increase the indoor lighting and ventilation effect, and in the creation of the momentum, the aesthetic level of the living space can also be improved by the contrast of the upper and lower floors. In addition, if vertical elements are added to the empty space, or through the height difference of the floor, furniture, stairs, and platform, the interesting contrasts of different spatial behaviors can be created; the light and shadow can be eliminated. The oppression of space is invisible. These features are difficult to achieve in a single-story apartment.

3. How to design the building in the middle of the building? The most important design in the building is the stairs. This is a place to connect the upper and lower floors. The wrong design will cause the space to be blocked or crowded. Good design can make The stairs become the core of the space dialogue. It can be the main character of the sculpture in the hall, or it can be the extension of the interior accessories. The stairs are often the most exciting unit in the building through different materials, lighting combinations and different angles of the upper and lower sides .

The above article is a small series for everyone to introduce the attention of the renovation of the building in the middle of the building, the rendering of the floor decoration. I believe everyone will understand after reading it. The design of the building in the middle of the building can be designed like a villa to increase the lighting and ventilation effect of the room. In fact, it is the same as the villa. Your reading is the motivation of Xiaobian. If there are other needs, please pay attention to the decoration home network.

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