What are the steps and processes for the rough house renovation? How to get the rough house decoration in nine steps?

January 14, 2021

For each person, it is very happy and happy to buy a house of their own, but it is difficult to face the decoration of the house. They do not know how to decorate it, and it is not clear how the house is decorated. Today, let's take a look at the steps and processes of the rough house renovation with Xiao Bian!

What are the rough room renovation steps and procedures?

1. Before decorating the rough house, it is necessary to understand what are the precautions for the decoration of the rough house and avoid causing damage to the house during the decoration process. Secondly, the size, length, width, and height of each room in the home are measured to determine the construction area in the later period of renovation and the size of the furniture.

2. According to their own preferences, the layout of the decoration space will be redesigned, and the main body will be reconstructed, mainly including walls, walls, windows, and heating. At the same time as the main body is reformed, it is possible to determine the styles of kitchen utensils, water heaters and utility doors.

3. After the main body of the rough house is completed, the next step is to carry out the hydropower reform project. The hydropower reform project is one of the important projects in the renovation steps and processes of the rough house. If the hydropower reform is not done well, in the future life, it will bring a lot of inconvenience to the owners and even cause potential safety problems.

4. Use damp-proof decorative materials to package the down-hole pipes in the house. This step is commonly called "packet-up pipe". Otherwise, the exposed water pipe can easily be damaged, resulting in its inability to use normally and to a certain degree, reducing the overall The decoration of the house is beautiful.

5. After acceptance of the hydropower reform project, it is necessary to waterproof the bathroom and the kitchen. When the waterproof project is carried out, it is necessary to maintain the integrity of the original waterproof layer of the rough house and form a double-layer waterproof protection if the waterproof project is done. There is a problem with the waterproof layer, and the original waterproof layer of the blank house can also play a role in waterproofing.

6. Select a professional bricklayer to tile the tiles of the house. When laying tiles, strictly follow the construction requirements. Otherwise, it is easy to cause cracking and chipping of the tile and affect the appearance of the decoration. Generally after the tile is finished, many people will choose to do a tile seam to increase its decorativeness.

7. After the tile is finished, you can paint the wall or lay the wallpaper. Before the wall decoration, first level, sand and brush the wall. After laying the wallpaper or painting the paint, It is easy to cause the material to fall off or bulge and reduce the decoration quality.

8. After the ground engineering and wall engineering are confirmed, you can start installing the indoor outlet. At the same time, we will install kitchen utensils, doors and windows, and water heaters. If your room space permits, you can start preparing for the ceiling of your house.

9. When all the above-mentioned blank house renovation steps and procedures have been completed, the house should be cleaned and cleaned, usually this step is called wasteland cleaning. After cleaning up, you can move the pre-purchased furniture into a new house. After the formaldehyde in the new house is removed, you can directly check in.

Xiao Bian concludes: The above is Xiao Bian's introduction to the steps and processes of the renovation of the rough house . I hope that those friends who are troubled in this area can help. If you want to learn more or ask more questions about decoration, please pay attention to this site!

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