Tatami how to decorate the best installation of tatami Notes

January 16, 2021

In the modern home decoration, the design of tatami is deeply loved by young people. Tatami can not only be used as a bed, but also as a place for people to relax. Then, do you understand the precautions for installing tatami? Then come with Xiaobian. Take a look at how to decorate tatami and how to install tatami.

First, how to decorate the best tatami

1. How to Renovate Tatami : Decoration Materials

It is recommended that tatami not be installed on floorboards. The width of the floor is too narrow. The main tatami materials currently on the market are large core boards, high density boards, three-layer splints, fingerboards, and solid wood boards. From a practical point of view, large core boards, fingerboards, and plywoods are more practical, while high-density boards still have a lack of environmental performance. Since a large amount of glue is used during the production process, it is not Good for physical and mental health.

2. How to decorate tatami : how to design the size

Tatami is designed with the height of the house and the storage space required. If the level of the house is more than 3 meters, you can make a tatami of 40 centimeters or more. If the height is low, the design The height should be reduced accordingly, otherwise it will give people a feeling of depression. Especially for the small-sized tatami design, the space is relatively low and the area is relatively narrow. If the design of the tatami is too high, it is likely to cause a spatial sense of depression.

3. How to Renovate Tatami: Tatami Specification

The design of tatami is divided into two types: standard rectangular and non-standard rectangle. The length of regular rectangular tatami is 1800mm×900mm, and the standard thickness is usually 35mm, 45mm, and 55mm. Generally, the thickness of 55mm is more.

4. How to Renovate Tatami : Design Height of the Platform

When the tatami mat is not designed, the height of the tatami and the platform is generally between 150mm-200mm. The Japanese-style tatami design is usually about 30cm above the ground, while the Chinese-style tatami design is about 15cm.

Second, the installation of tatami precautions

1. When tatami is in the decoration frame, it must be remembered to carry out pest control treatment and moisture-proof treatment. It is necessary to reserve a vent hole. Tatami floor surface plate can use solid wood, you can also choose to use the review of the floor, should not avoid the floor to do the corresponding moisture pest control, but also pay attention to avoid damage to the original waterproof layer.

2. Do not destroy the original waterproof layer. Before the decoration of tatami, make a waterproof test. If there is leakage, the waterproof layer needs to be re-doed. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the drainage system on the balcony floor is unobstructed so as to prevent water from seeping into the bedroom.

Xiao Bian concludes: The above is the best way for Xiaobian to share the tatami decoration and the installation of tatami. The specific tatami specification needs to be determined according to the actual situation of the owner's bedroom. Hope that the above sharing can help you, if you need to understand For more information, please continue to pay attention to the website of this website.

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