Small apartment 60 flat decoration Raiders 60 flat decoration skills

January 19, 2021

Many people have to buy small-sized houses due to economic pressure. Although the house is small, it also carries people's desire for home. These small-sized houses will be more difficult to decorate, because if you want to have the "Five Internals", you must understand the decoration. So, what are the 60 apartment renovations for small-sized flats ? What are the 60 decoration techniques? The following small series will give you a brief introduction.

Small apartment 60 flat decoration Raiders

1. It is very difficult for a small apartment with a flat-paneled living room. If the living room is too large, the other rooms will be small. If the living room is too small, it will be particularly crowded. Want to get more space in the living room, may wish to buy a multifunctional coffee table. Bringing some of the original tattered trinkets and beautiful magazines into the room will make the living room more tidy and beautified.

2. For small-sized flat-paneled kitchens, the layout of their kitchens should pay attention to the principle of convenient operation. Install a storage shelf in the kitchen and put some kitchen utensils of different colors and different shapes on it. Place a shelf above the washing area and place some commonly used bottles and jars inside. In this way, the entire kitchen space is agile, and not only is it convenient to use but also increases visual effects.

3. Because of their small size, space utilization is particularly important. Therefore, furniture should be purchased to be foldable, which not only saves area, but also facilitates use. And the furniture's scalability can leave more activity areas for small-sized living rooms.

4. Avoid completely open storage, because the unit type itself is small, so that it is easy to expose all objects in the house to people's vision, which is particularly crowded and unorganized. In fact, open and closed parallel storage should be adopted for small spaces.

60 flat decoration techniques

1. Follow the principle of "light decoration", because too many shapes in a narrow space will appear cramped. If you want to make changes to the room layout, then the renovation costs will be very expensive. Therefore, it is better to choose “light decoration”, which means to reduce the fixed and heavy decoration under a limited budget, so that the space will be moved out and the activities will be more comfortable.

2. The “Group zero is whole” is concise and unified. The decoration of small houses should not only consider the function and style, but also consider the relationship between the local and the whole. Don't do too many shapes when decorating. The interior color cannot be too much, too complicated, do not install the chandelier.

3. The use of space should be reasonable, small-sized apartment decoration can be dig the space from the wall, placed inside the cabinet to store, you can also put the washing machine into it, large objects hidden from space.

4. Pay attention to multi-functional design. When the small apartment is renovated, it can combine the entrance with the shoe cabinet, which saves space. It is also possible to install a mirror in the shoe cabinet so that the combination of dressing mirror and storage is achieved.

Article Summary: In fact, as long as we have mastered the small apartment renovation techniques, 60-flat houses can still perform infinitely wonderful. Therefore, people in the decoration can learn more about some of the decoration of the Raiders and decoration techniques, so that you can decorate the ideal home. The above- mentioned small apartment type 60 flat decorating tactics and its decorating skill are available for reference.

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