What is the need to pay attention to what the old room renovation?

January 19, 2021

If you live in a house for a long time, you will become an old house. At this time, people will renovate it. When the old house is remodeled, it is still necessary to master some techniques so that you can decorate the desired effect without wasting material. The following Xiao Bian will introduce to you the old home renovation and decoration skills and what need to pay attention to the transformation of old homes.

What are the renovation skills of old homes?

1, the old room renovation decoration skills to dismantle less

The basis of the old house is the premise of re-engineering, first of all to find the target, so as to achieve better results, but also to achieve the principle of demolition. The basic positioning of the renovation and decoration of an existing home is almost as good as it has been designed. When doing this, it is necessary to put the basic role into play. Only in this way can we achieve a very good goal of effective demolition. In general, the less demolition, the less The better the description.

2, the renovation of the old house renovation decoration skill

Demolition can be said to be the first step in the transformation of an old house. The next task is to change it, and it is necessary to ensure that there is a good goal during the transformation so that the transformation goals can be effectively achieved. In the process of renovating and renovating old houses, we must ensure that there are basic orientations and conditions for the reforms. Only in this way can we do clever changes before we can achieve the conditions you want. Save money and utility.

3, the renovation of the renovation of the old house has a style of innovation

The goals of old home renovations are also there to be new ideas, feelings, and comfort. So many people will have an innovative style when they renovate their old homes, but they must be able to do it in accordance with the basic conditions, and they must also use practicality as a basis to achieve this. Only by doing so can they be better able to achieve better results in innovation. At the same time can help you save money.

What need to pay attention to the transformation of old houses

1, first of all to pay attention to the wall, to know the old house when it's time is the wall will be peeling, cracking, so when the transformation is to deal with a good wall, be sure to do the first brush primer, and then brush Latex finishes.

2, for the door and window transformation also pay attention to, for example, like a window from the skin, then you can add a decorative surface, so you can continue to use, if there is corrosion of the steel window, then this time we will change the aluminum window.

3, for plumbing, electricity is also to be transformed, the first thing to do is to waterproof the ground, but also remember to check the water, heating pipeline where there is no corrosion, if rust or aging it will change it Become new.

4. When changing, we must pay attention to not tamper with the load-bearing structure. We must know that the architectural structure of some old houses is still quite different from the current one, so be careful when changing.

Summary: on the old room renovation and decoration of what the old room need to pay attention to what the relevant content is introduced to this, if you want to transform the old house, then you have to master these skills and some precautions in advance, so as to avoid Some unnecessary things happen during the renovation process.

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