What is the artificial intelligence sneak into the ordinary people's home smart home?

January 20, 2021

After the incubation period and concept popularization stage of the previous years, artificial intelligence has indeed broken into people's daily lives, and constantly refreshed the user's perception and experience of "smart life." Finance, medical care, education, decoration, media... As long as we can think of the industry, we are actively achieving integration with artificial intelligence technology, and most people are most concerned about the smart home industry, many "big cows" It is also predicted that smart home will become the next slogan. How much do you know about this industry?
First, the cognitive misunderstanding of smart home
Smart home appliances = smart home
Nowadays, the development trend of the smart home industry is fierce. Many merchants have tried their best to make their products and "smart" on the side, so many consumers mistakenly think that smart home appliances are smart homes. In fact, they will take smart TVs. For the sake of the machine, it is essentially different from the smart home, because compared with the traditional TV, the smart TV is only expanded and upgraded on the basis of its functions, the variety of programs is more diverse, and it can play The role of the game console can also install and uninstall various application software to meet the more diverse consumer needs of users, but in essence, it can only be regarded as a component of smart home, or smart terminal, just like Like smartphones, we can't equate them with smart homes, so smart home appliances are smart homes.
Smart furniture = smart home
The development of artificial intelligence technology is more and more developed, and it has gradually landed from the conceptualization stage. Therefore, many industries have tried to “marriage” with intelligence. Because many people still have a blind spot in the understanding of smart home, it is easy to put smart furniture and smart home. Mixed up. In fact, smart furniture is just a combination of intelligence, electronic intelligence, mechanical intelligence, IOT intelligence and traditional furniture. When using smart furniture, users can give full play to their subjective creativity, such as according to their own preferences and family spatial characteristics. Furniture is freely combined and matched, and smart home is a whole concept. It is a system that integrates various lighting, door locks, curtains, home appliances, security and other equipment through the Internet of Things and other technologies, so smart furniture is smart home.
Smart home = chicken ribs
When it comes to smart homes, many people like to use "chicken ribs" to describe it. They think that "the taste is tasteless, it is a pity to abandon", and that it does not conform to the six-word mantra of good products. First of all, it does not solve the rigid demand, because For many people, it is dispensable and barely counts as “pseudo-demand”. Second, it can't hit the pain points of consumers, because many smart home items on the market are helping users solve problems. It will bring a lot of troubles. It can be said that it is not as clever as you think. For example, after the sweeper has finished cleaning, the owner has to manually clean the dust box. The original figure saves the trouble, and the result is to make himself gray; finally, it does not meet the high Frequency, because the frequency of product replacement is too low.
If smart home products want to detonate the market on the C side, it seems that there is still a long way to go before changing the situation. In fact, new products, new technologies, there will be "staggered start" phase in the beginning, but the market as a product and user best touchstone, they will not tolerate did not complete the transformation of technology products, the company can not as smart home When this gap is crossed, it is difficult to open the market from the C side. In fact, from an objective point of view, for an emerging industry that is still in the exploration and development period, it is obviously irrational to give it a “chicken rib” hat at the beginning, whether as a visitor or a consumer, we are all There should be confidence in artificial intelligence technology and the smart home industry, allowing them to grow and mature in stumbling.
Smart home = luxury goods
"Smart home prices are too expensive, low-income families can't afford it, we just wait and see." When it comes to smart homes, many people will have this idea, and think that smart home products can only appear in TV dramas or families of rich people. In fact, in fact, from the current stage, the reason why smart home is still not popular, there are indeed price factors, but simply and rudely linked it to the words "rich people", "luxury", "luxury" Irrational views, the popularity of any new thing will have a phased process, just like when the car first appeared, we will feel that it is far away from ourselves, but now it does not think so.
Second, what exactly is smart home?
In essence, smart home is an intelligent control system, which itself includes many subsystems, such as security system, lighting system, background music system, electrical control system, door and window control system, home network system, home theater system, etc. Etc., it can realize the integration of home facilities by means of integrated wiring, network communication, security , automatic control and other technical means to build a safe, efficient and intelligent management system, to create a safe, warm, comfortable and convenient residence for users. Environment, thus improving the comfort and safety of users' living. On the platform of smart home, you can realize remote control of home appliances and doors and windows according to your own needs, and you can also personalize according to your own hobbies.

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