The moisture-proof coup for these furniture you have to know

January 20, 2021

Late spring,

Despite the drunk spring breeze, I lost my eyes

However, it cannot stop the weather from coming to the field in rain.


The gloomy feeling always gives people a feeling of wetness.

This of course includes home furniture.

If you want to improve your living environment, furniture should be protected against moisture.

Wood production furniture

Wooden furniture occupies a large proportion of household furniture, such as bed frames, bookshelves, shoe cabinets, dining tables, and even the paving of floors that we are familiar with.

Recovered wooden furniture surface is prone to a lot of water droplets, wipe clean and there will be, over time, the furniture began to fall off, white, and even wooden doors will also burst deformation.

1. Avoid using a damp cloth to wipe the furniture, otherwise the water vapor will seep into the furniture and add to the frost.

If there are signs of mold, try to use a special cleaning agent to wipe, eliminate mold, at the same time more furniture on a protective film.

2. In case of wood furniture falling paint or wax, it is recommended to wax in time to prevent internal moisture loss caused by cracking, while avoiding external moisture intrusion caused deformation.

Leather furniture

Cortical furniture is popular for its comfortable touch, breathability, and durability. More common in leather sofas, leather furniture will become cold and hard after damp, some corners will appear mildew, and even deformation fade.

However, due to the strong air permeability, the moisture protection of leather furniture cannot be taken lightly.

1. Use a soft dry cloth to wipe the leather furniture to remove dust and mold. Afterwards, it is best to coat the surface of the furniture with special oleoresin and leather oil to keep the furniture dry and bright.

2. Place some desiccant inside or around the leather furniture, and absorb water droplets on the surface of the furniture. Common desiccants include dehumidifying boxes and bamboo charcoal bags, which can be purchased as needed.

Fabric furniture

Fabric furniture is mostly made of cotton and linen blended materials. It is mostly used for beds and sofas. It is soft and comfortable, and it has many colors.

It can be said to be both value and strength, but it is also made from cotton and linen blended materials, highly absorbent, easily deformed and prone to mold.

1. Prepare several sets of covers that match the style of the fabric furniture. Remove the cover periodically to clean and replace, which not only maintains the cleanliness of the furniture, but also rejuvenates the mood.

2. When cleaning, it is best to use a special vacuum cleaner to clean the dust on the furniture surface, and then wipe with a strong absorbent towel, in addition to drying the water with a hairdryer.

Metal furniture

Metal furniture is mainly made of metal pipes, plates, or sticks, which gives it a hard feeling of coldness. However, when it recovers, carelessness is also unattractive because it is prone to rust.

1. It is best to use a dry rag to wipe, if there is rust, you can use a dish cloth or toothbrush with a little anti-rust agent to brush, if necessary, also need to promptly touch up paint.

2. Even if the metal components use stainless steel, it should not be wiped with water, because some of the minerals in the water can easily react with the metal and cause corrosion.

Rattan furniture

Compared to the four types of furniture mentioned above, the moisture protection of rattan chair furniture is much simpler. Because the rattan furniture is cut from the rattan rod into a very thin and flat rattan, and made of a variety of processing, good toughness, strong air permeability.

On weekdays, notice that it can be wiped with a soft dry cloth. If it is affected by moisture, be careful not to expose it to the sunlight under the sun except to pay attention to the moldy spots between the gaps in the rattan.

In order not to break the rattan dry, just wait for the water to evaporate and the rattan furniture will return to its original appearance.


Above furniture practical moisture trick, you GET it?

But the above is by no means the whole, because the furniture is dampproof< home dampproof.

Furniture is only part of the home.

Doing the whole moisture-proof home environment is the key!

The following is the ultimate kill

1. Pay attention to the doors and windows, especially the south-facing and south-eastern windows, and put the mats on the entrance, the toilet door, and the kitchen door to leave the water stain outdoors or in the kitchen or toilet.

2. Use old newspapers to absorb moisture. The water droplets on the floor or wall are more effective than dry cloths in the old newspapers. If necessary, you can also use old newspapers such as the doorway to block the free flow of water vapor.

3. Place desiccant/dehumidification boxes in multiple corners of the room. Do not underestimate the appearance of particles. When the humidity is high, the dehumidifying box can be filled with water in one day.

4. The proper location of the candle makes it impossible to condense water vapor, especially candles containing natural plant essential oils, not only reduce the humidity in the room, but also eliminate the musty smell in the room!

5. The use of moisture-proof appliances, such as air conditioners, heaters, dehumidifiers, etc., which are commercially available on the market have a dehumidification function, of course, these appliances are also great power consumption (of course, local Hao please feel free ~).

6. Clever use of wind direction, pay attention to the weather forecast, when the cold air goes south, the local wind direction will turn northward. At this point we can boldly open doors and windows for ventilation and ventilation. It is not only furniture but also people's feelings.

If you have a big move, are you sure you can find it? You don’t have to worry about getting wet again back to the South! So practical anti-moisture big trick, don't forget to quickly collect it

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