Inner Mongolia Xinghe County graphite mining area geological environment treatment project passed the acceptance

October 28, 2018

Recently, the third phase of the Inner Mongolia Xinghe County Graphite Mine Geological Environment Treatment Project successfully passed the acceptance of the Autonomous Region Land and Resources Department, the Finance Department Acceptance Leading Group and the expert group. The successful acceptance of the project marks the implementation of the special project for nearly six years. The governance project is drawn to a full stop.

The Xinghe County Graphite Mining Area is located in the Zhujiaying River Basin, and the graphite mining industry has a long history of production. For a long time, the waste liquid and tailings produced by beneficiation directly entered the Zhujiaying River, causing farmland on both sides of the river to be invaded to varying degrees, and at the same time posing a serious threat to the lives and property of the people in the mining area. To this end, the Xinghe County Party Committee and the government, with the strong support of the district and city land and resources departments, actively strive for national projects. Since 2004, the geological environment of the graphite ore mining area has been rectified. Through the implementation of specific organizations in the past six years, the project has now been completed. The implementation of this project will have a long-term social and economic benefits for improving the geological environment of the graphite mine area in Xinghe County, the production and living conditions of enterprises and the masses.