The small apartment renovation price decoration guide for you to create a happy home

January 21, 2021

With the development of the times, the small-sized apartment has been favored by more and more owners. Because the small penthouse is not only stylish atmosphere, and decoration prices will be more affordable. So, how to decorate the small apartment? Here we will take a look at the small penthouse renovation price it!

First, jump layer small apartment renovation price to how much?

1. In fact, there are some calculation methods for the decoration costs in the decoration industry. Usually, the total cost of renovation is generally between 10% and 20% of the purchase price. According to our current development trend, reasonable proportions of renovation costs are allocated: kitchen and bathroom renovation costs account for 45% of total expenses; bedroom accounts for 20%; and living room accounts for 35%. (for reference only)

2. What is the price of small apartment renovation? According to the grade of decoration, the average price per square meter of general decoration is generally around 500 yuan; the price of mid-range decoration is generally 1,000 yuan per square meter; the price of high-end decoration is generally 1500 yuan per square meter. Yuan above. (for reference only)

3. Finally, because the economic level of each area is completely different, there is no precise numerical value for the cost of small-sized apartment renovations. If you need to know the precise cost of small apartment decoration, you can go to the decoration company!

Second, how to decorate the small apartment?

1. Pay attention to diversification

Because the floor of the floor makes a gap, so the living room must choose good quality lamps. Because good luminaires will pay more attention to quality and embellishment will be even better, they can also use spotlights, chandeliers, downlights and other flexible collocations. Analyzing from a practical point of view, this will not only save energy, but also increase the brightness and create a casual and comfortable home atmosphere.

2. It takes a lot of effort to decorate the stairs

As we all know, the communication link of the small-sized apartment is the staircase, so be careful when designing the stairs. In general, the width of the leap layer must be able to meet the requirements of home handling and normal walking. At the same time, safety should be paid attention to, and railings and handrails can be installed to increase its safety.

Editor's summary: The above has introduced to everyone the number of small sized apartment renovations and how to decorate the small penthouse, and hopes to give you some help. For more information about the small-sized apartment, you can always pay attention to our website, and more relevant content will appear later!

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