Kiwifruit is different from ulcer disease

January 21, 2021

There is a difference in time

The injury of kiwifruit occurred around March 20, and the basic condition was that the average daily temperature was nearly 10 °C, and the tree was in the germination period. However, in the spring, the average temperature of ulcer disease is about 0 °C, and the disease begins to expand. When the temperature is around 10 °C, the disease is prone to epidemic when it is exposed to low temperature and rain or dust and fog. Under normal circumstances, ulcer disease in spring occurs mostly before the injury, earlier than the injury.

The location of the disease is different

The part of the wound that appears is the cut-saw at the non-healing of the tree after trimming, or the new wound caused when the branch is tied, and there is basically no injury in other parts. In addition to the wounds formed by the sawing and farming operations, the ulcer disease is found in the trunk, petiole marks, lenticels, fruit stalks, bud holes, grafting interfaces and branching branches, or anywhere in the mother branches. May appear.

Symptoms vary

The wound flow is mostly water-like at the sawing opening, occasionally white foam (organic matter), but it is separated from the wound fluid. All in all, the wound is a clear water-like juice with no concentration. After the ulcer disease occurs, the juice in the infected area has a concentration, and the initial outflow is milky white mucus, which gradually oxidizes over time, turns into a yellow-red mucus, and finally becomes a rust red mucus.

Ulcer disease, one diligent investigation, two scissors, three medications

A diligent investigation is to carry out regular and irregular inspections of the whole kiwifruit tree to achieve early detection, early treatment and early prevention and control.

The second cut is to remove the canker from the forked root in time; the second is the large branch, the main stem of the ulcer disease lesions with a knife to scrape, deep into the xylem, the outer edge scraped to the health 1 cm, then The scraping site and the cut diseased branch are used for drug application and treatment protection.

The three drugs are used to treat and protect the cut diseased strips and the scraped lesions. The pesticides can be selected from agricultural streptomycin, 65% dasenium (Schnein), thiabium copper, hydrogen. 30 times solution of copper oxide, etc., coated 2~3 times, 7 days apart; the second is to spray the whole tree before the kiwi germination, the pesticide can be selected with Bamei 5 degree stone sulfur mixture or the above pesticide 800~1000 Double spray.

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