Introduction to mahogany furniture entry knowledge (suggested new wood friends collection!)

January 22, 2021

What is mahogany?

The mahogany now spoken is the thirty-three species of five genera in the “Hongmu National Standard”, and there are furniture collectors who oppose this classification of the “National Standard”.

Rosewood: Rosewood and Rosewood (Another 7 Trees)

The genus Cryptosporium and Tilapia: Chicken winged wood.

Dalbergia: scented wood, black rosewood (7 species) and red rosewood (8 species)

Persimmon: ebony and striped ebony.

What are the production processes for mahogany furniture?

Because mahogany furniture is mainly hand-made, and the products that come out of the mechanized pipeline are different, the cycle required is longer. The production process of mahogany furniture is rather cumbersome. It requires many processes from wood to finished products. Although a part of the production process of mahogany furniture has been completely out of hand-made, but it is also limited to open wood and snoring. First, the logs are sawed into different thickness plates with a band saw; then the plates of different thicknesses are classified into dry kilns for drying. Generally, the thick plates need to be dried for about 40 days, and the thin plates are to be dried for 15 days or so. The content is 8% - 12%. At present, many mahogany furniture manufacturers have some relatively good drying methods, but this process is not less than 10 days at least.

The above two steps can be said to be preparations. From the next step, begin the formal production process.

The first step is the most important step in the production of mahogany furniture, that is, the woodworking steps mentioned by mahogany furniture production companies. Here, first of all, the opener saw the dried wood according to the needs of different parts of the furniture to the appropriate size, and then through the pressure plane to make the size more accurate. Then enter the main process of the carpentry stage - open, now generally use the machine to fight.

The second step is carving. General mahogany furniture has some or simple or complex carved decoration, so before the assembly, the woodworker needs to send the sheet to be engraved to the engraving workshop. Engraving is a time that takes more time. Moreover, depending on the method of engraving, the degree of proficiency of the workers, and the complexity of the patterns, also require very different time. Take a piece of carved bed for example. If the pattern is cumbersome, even a skilled old worker will need more than one month. After carving, the surface needs to be preliminarily processed and polished. The sculpted plates are returned to the carpentry workshop so that they can be assembled. A prototype of mahogany furniture came out.

But at this time, the surface of the furniture is still somewhat rough, so the third step is needed: polishing. This is an important step in the production process of mahogany furniture. The quality of the polished product directly affects the consumers' first impression of mahogany furniture. Taking an arhat bed as an example, it takes 3 workers to polish for at least 20 days, not including the part around the bed.

The last step is to paint or wax. Some furniture can be directly marketed after polishing, but the vast majority need to be further painted or waxed. In general, the furniture painted in the south is more common, but in the north, it is more common to wax or hit walnut oil. If you wax or hit walnut oil, it will be faster. If you paint it, it will take longer. For the above eight lacquer lacquers, for example, the last time the paint dries up, the process will take at least 15 days.

From this we can see how complicated the craftsmanship of a crafted mahogany furniture is. Take the example of a circle chair with a relatively simple manufacturing process. It takes at least 40 days to complete this process. And how to add complicated carvings, inlays and other decorations will take longer.

What are the five major values ​​of mahogany furniture?

In general, the industry believes that Hongmu home has the following five values:

1, a strong life office use value. If most of the products such as gold, stocks, insurance, calligraphy, and paintings do not have functions, the extra houses are not used by themselves, although they cannot use their own functions. People can't be tired and live without them. Good calligraphy and painting are often hidden in bank safes as the author himself.

2, artistic aesthetic value. The mahogany furniture displays mellow, dignified, ethereal, thick, grand and elegant beauty through modeling and engraving. The mahogany logs show Shen Mu, gorgeous, smooth, moist and dense.

3, appreciation, preservation. The log grows for hundreds of years and becomes a material. There are also restrictions on environmental protection laws. The scarcity is getting stronger and the arts and crafts will be more and more expensive. Whose wages will not rise?

4, self-identity value. You will not tell people how many of your deposits you have, but you love to display home and office furniture to gain recognition and dignity, so as to show your financial strength, taste and interest.

5, historical and cultural values. The Chinese will not emotionally spend a lot of money on Jesus' hair. We are pursuing where we come from. What kind of ancestors? Otherwise, how does one Hekun and Jiajing and Cao Cao touch thousands of families? Traditional mahogany furniture is revealing the aesthetics and living environment of the ancestors and the fun. We also bathe them. The people in the culture are fascinating personality, with a span of hundreds of years, it is difficult to penetrate the spiritual content.

Why should mahogany furniture be stained and dyed worthless?

Many mahogany furniture should be dyed and dyed is not a problem. It is one of the processes. There are three kinds of dyeing: First, dyeing, completely changing the original color of the original wood like a woman's heavy make-up; Second, along with (shun) color, is a shade of material on the furniture, the color is appropriate and unified like a person to wash their face in the morning, this is craft and aesthetic; Is to do (imitation) the old, so that the new furniture as old as ancient furniture, a sense of human history and heavy.

For the above mentioned first dyeing, many merchants use the inferior charge. For example, the so-called Burmese rosewood (also known as white rosewood) is mainly yellow in color, and the price is less than two-thirds that of the red-purple red rosewood. The merchant dyes it like purple sand and black sand. Dyed purple like Laos red rosewood. If the store owner informed in advance, that is to increase the sale, there is nothing wrong with it, can not say that the makeup of the woman is a liar, really can not go on the street without makeup. The method of identification is: on the back side with a knife scraping, scraping the surface and the surrounding serious color difference, with the color or waxing oiled scraped surface and the surrounding color difference but also smaller. Lobular red sandalwood and big-leaved red sandalwood are orange-red or purple-red. The surrounding area may be purple-black or brown-yellow. This is not an exception.

The second kind of color matching is often necessary for most mahogany furniture. The color difference between the tree and the tree is often relatively large. Sometimes the material in different parts of the same tree has different shades. Some furniture is not like a color, it is like a Big face, would you like to? Of course, if you choose a material that does not have a color difference, you don't need to use color to make it better or more expensive.

Not to mention the old (imitation), aesthetic and economic significance, the value of high imitation craft more than the value of the furniture itself. This has also become the enemy of the old furniture collection and the challenge of collectors!

How do you look at the patches and defects on furniture?

Lobular rosewood furniture inevitably patch, other materials, furniture will inevitably there will be knots, cracks, small damage and so on. The more dense the leaflet is, the more hollow it is, although the craftsman will try his best to put the residual surface inside the furniture, there will often be a half patch outside. If you don't have a patch, your troubles will also be. Businesses take this opportunity to double your money. Instinct to buy two is now a piece. What are you doing? What are you doing? I do it for you. In 2001, a large number of tiny pink leaves that were not dark and almost hollow were suddenly appeared. At that time, everyone contracted to avoid this material.

There is a law of quantity and quality opposite to the wood: if the material is large and straight, the texture is simple, the color is light, the quality is sparse, the hollowness, the enthalpy are many, the bending rate is low, the quality is dense, and the color is elegant. The Forbidden City Huanghuali furniture has almost no grimaces, and it is hardly a dense avocado, because the large plains are mostly straight, and the little rotten materials are not used. The woodworker opened the edge of a bed and found a crack. When he was on the back of the bed, but there was a flaw on the back, what should he do? Change it? The cost has gone up, it is still a matter for customers, not to buy the fine to buy! It is recommended that everyone go to study at the Beihai Park Prince and try to calm their mind. The pear and mahogany armchairs are complemented, and the furniture on the rosewood skin is made of black lacquer. The perfect thing is less.

Therefore, it is suggested that everyone should pay more attention to price, shape, and manufacturing process.

Should furniture be unified in color?

Unification does not mean that it is completely the same. If the color texture of a dozen pieces of furniture and the surrounding home furnishings are exactly the same, it will be very repressing the breathtaking environment because it will make people's vision not rest. The style is basically the same or coordinated. Mahogany furniture is mostly quaint maroon, black-purple, purple-red, brown-yellow, and it is basically harmonious. It does not have to be as strict as the exterior of a car.

For example, the Chuxiu Palace of the Imperial Palace has such a group of furniture; behind it is a brownish-yellow cork door leaf; the pear blossom case is preceded by a black-painted hardwood bracket-shaped half-table; on both sides of the table, a yellow pear-nanguan chair is worn, and the texture is not the same. However, the overall atmosphere is more harmonious. Unification is rich in change and hierarchy, and difference is the higher realm.

Why is the Taishi Chair and Lohan Bed extremely beneficial to the health and longevity of its owner?

"Sit like a bell, standing like a pine, with the wind, lying like a bow." This is not only the etiquette requirements of the past Confucians, but it is actually the experience of the ancients practicing spiritual practice and prolonging life. Because doing so makes people alert, the human immune system has also been mobilized. Yoga exercises, monks meditation, Qigong luck, and Tai Chi have all been proven to be good for people's health. They even promote writing and brushstrokes, and they also benefit people's brains. Chinese painters and painters have no longevity. The Taishi chair and the arhat bed are the corrective postures that affect the correct person. They make the person's chest, abdomen, qi and neck, and Titian's spirit.

There are several furniture enthusiasts and friends. They are people who have been sitting in the office for many years. They have to suffer backache and neck pain once or twice a year. When they go home to eat their meals, they lie halfway down on the sofa and raise their tummy. Later, they insisted on sitting in the armchair and learning to sit on the TV with Arhat. After six months, they were able to relax their muscles, reduce their waist circumference, increase their vital capacity, and lower their blood pressure and blood pressure. They often enjoyed their favorite classical furniture and pleasing their pleasure. In the heart, gorgeous and leisurely together, rich and elegant coexistence! Spirit has been pursuing and sustenance, and now lives refreshed. When they first opened, they couldn't even fit their legs and their body was stiff!

It is customary to determine the health of people and the environment creates people! According to statistics, the per capita GDP of the United States has tripled since 1958. Where did this additional money go? 27% spent on health care! Yes, a friend who has been hospitalized for a long time because of obesity tells me that if someone is sick, how much money he has to earn must be given to the hospital! From today on, we will pursue a healthy lifestyle. Without life, we will not have everything.

What is the reason why buying mahogany furniture is more economical than buying modern furniture?

Suddenly, it seems that this is absurd, careful and meticulous, only to find that the more we are unwilling to spend money to save money, but to spend more money repeatedly! Take my experience as an example: From the year of 88 to 2006, I used plank beds, wire beds, box springs, and three Simmons. I started with a monthly income of 75 yuan. I changed my big house, my income, social aesthetic changes, product replacement,,,,,, I changed six beds in less than two decades. You also calculate that you started with a difficult marriage after graduating from university and changed your bed about once in a few years. What will be the future fate? Buying a large bed in the past is also a big deal for me. The equivalent cost of the six beds will not be less than 20,000 yuan. According to the market price in June of 2006, a 2.35m×1.67m Mancheo carved flower crossbow cross-joint flower moonlight door rosewood canopy bed is only 17,500. This bed will never be outdated, and the value after 40 years can be imagined. It can also be highly sought after (even snatched) passed on to the next generation, and then use it for two generations! It is more economical for everyone to figure out what to buy.

What are the spiritual values ​​brought to us by mahogany furniture?

Each person's experience is not the same, I personally from 92 in Yantai, Shandong began to collect old mahogany furniture, to Beijing and also collected a variety of materials mahogany furniture, from personal experience and conversation with other collectors in the collection of the collection The spiritual value of mahogany furniture to people has the following aspects:

A. It is of utmost importance that people have goals, sustenance, and companionship. They have great comfort to their personal spirit. The theory of longevity and health always points out that friends and hobbies are the basic conditions for a longevity life.

B. The improvement of cultural accomplishment and appreciation. The people, history, paintings, sculptures and materials will have extensive, in-depth and meticulous contacts and understandings. They are the people who think and think for thousands of years and their sights are thousands of miles away!

C. Compared with the surrounding friends, there is a sense of richness, superiority, and honor. After all, people live in a breath. Therefore, the wealthy people at the capital of Beijing's famous celebrity yashi have collected some furniture, stone carvings, calligraphy and paintings, not only to compare, but also to show the higher level of spiritual culture.

D. Both the old furniture and the new furniture are constantly increasing prices, so collectors have a sense of stability and pride in wealth. Despite the storm, the Diaoyutai will be built steadily.

E. Talk about the wealth of resources and personal charisma.

F. It has a great influence on the spirit and culture of the next generation. There are people who have a background in family heritage. They are educated, have seen money, are not arrogant, knowledgeable, and open-minded.

To know the taste of pears, try it! As long as you buy a piece of Ming and Qing furniture, you will immediately experience the unique spiritual enjoyment. I dare to guarantee that it is definitely better than eating a meal or pinching dozens of silent banknotes!

Why can mahogany furniture be passed on?

There are five reasons:

A, the structure is very difficult to completely collapse, once repaired and intact as ever.

B. With less and less raw materials, handmade money is getting more and more expensive, so mahogany furniture will be more and more expensive and worthy of passage.

C, mahogany furniture will record predecessors' understanding of life and the world, suggesting that people's way of life in history is historical witness and cultural relics. If there is a piece of furniture that is the favorite of our grandfathers of the previous five generations, will we be respectful and cordial to it?

D, mahogany furniture is used more and more "cooked" was warm, with charm and life flavor. This different leather sofa with Simmons.

E, mahogany furniture (indicative style) has proved to be a positive and outstanding part of Chinese culture.

F. In fact, the mahogany furniture that was passed down before 1949 has been treasured by modern people. The price is amazing.

What do we pay more attention to when buying mahogany furniture?

More attention should be paid to:

A. Be sure to ask if you are full (that is, if you use all the materials, someone will wear them out).

B. When you can't see that the furniture you want to buy is a certain kind of material, compare it first and then buy it. Buy it and understand it!

C. Once you buy, as long as you haven’t deceived you, you’ll want to share your identity. No longer will you be encouraged by the price of money, work, or type, and then you’ll go to the store and say so. The money is not quite uproar, I do not believe you try, this is called the ear roots soft, do not know how to jealous. Modern people love to reveal themselves with little knowledge, often take the store to attack, increase the contradiction between buyers and sellers is extremely irresponsible, unlike the past, people say: see people reduce their age, increase the price of everything. A hurricane picks people and fights him to see the excitement! Is he a friend?

D, wool on the sheep, what certification, celebrity friends, gorgeous scenes, you have to pay.

E. There is no furniture that is not faulty. It is too painful to pursue perfection. To avoid suffering, Christianity tells us that we are guilty of life and see ourselves as a little low. I saw many little things for couples who didn’t eat and fight with the store until midnight or months later! For example: There is a drawer in a drawer, there is odor in the Wanli cabinet, a staircase is moved to move the furniture, a new rosewood is faded, there is a scratch on the chair, and there are three more than 100 small tabs in the cat litter. The cabinet doors are closed tightly, and so on. Plan not to come! What do you do when you are a shopkeeper? Is it perfect?

Where is the difference between painted furniture and waxed furniture?

Lacquer furniture is generally made of clear lacquer, but also has a light yellow, light purple red translucent paint to make the furniture color consistent, and for aesthetic needs, such as the mid-Qing period, the person weighs purple and black but not light red and light yellow, but uses black purple. Paint to make the furniture dignified. I have seen a lot of old purple sandalwood furniture with dark patent leather, and pear red furniture is even more common. Later, to identify the material, or think that the direct hardwood texture is more accessible, so sloppy paint off the surface, so that the old furniture surface loss, appear dim, rough. The Northern craftsmen waxed many, so there is a saying that South Paint wax waxes, the pros and cons of painting are as follows:

A. The paint makes the furniture bright and bright, and it sells well and has a gorgeous sense.

B, there is protection of wood, anti-rising effect.

C, furniture can be polished without having to be very fine, too thin is not easy to paint, paint will cover up the lack of mill.

D, paint to make the furniture look frivolous is not connotation, not dignified, full of upstart image.

E. After several years of use, the paint has scratches and wear, and the situation is not good.

The pros and cons of waxing furniture correspond to painted furniture. When you finish it, you may not see gorgeous, but Park Yah, time-honored! Furniture is not waxed but also more cordial material, we can try.

Is mahogany furniture fading quality problem?

The discoloration of mahogany furniture is its material characteristics. Firewood and softwood often do not fade. Darker red rosewood, redleaf rosewood, and red rosewood gradually lose their color. The reason is that the dark mahogany contains pigments. In addition, the dark mahogany has a high density. The content of cytoplasm (non-stranded, reticularly connected wood fibers) is large. The cytosol of colloidal silt is in a semi-free state and relatively soluble in water. alcohol. Nowadays, people in the mahogany furniture are still using red lanes or brown and yellow roads on the walls to prove whether they are lobelia or red rosewood. If you find that there are many such roundabouts on a room wall, you can almost Determined that this room has lived in dry wood furniture antiques. Put the newly made leaflet pen holder in a bucket full of water, and the next day it will turn clear water into light blue-green, and change the water again. I have not tested the consequences of long-term soaking, and the pen will disappear. Still peak nest.

A lot of new furniture has just been polished with 600-grit sandpaper. Those fine powders with color still remain on the wood or mixed with wax. At this time, it is easy to wipe out the color with a dry cloth or wet paper towel, and wipe it clean. It is not easy to be outstanding. After several months of use, the furniture has been oxidized to grayish brown, stained with oil stains, etc., causing changes in the wood structure. At this time, it is not easy to fade, and it is not easy to see even if it is dropped. Some of the stained furniture will start to lose some water. Rosewood, pear, and white rosewood painted furniture are not easy to fade due to paint.

How to deal with furniture fade? The new furniture is wiped with a dry cloth, or simply wiped with a cloth, and then wax it again, with less water and alcohol, and the leaflet rosewood chair plus a mat first uses a period of time. After the person sweats, do not rely on the leaflet rosewood chair back, that Will dye your shirt! One year later you will not use it, but the furniture will not fade.

Why does the new mahogany family have four missing legs? How to deal with?

General furniture will not be out of alignment, because it is not difficult to get together. Later, dry and wet changes occurred, the various components of the pumping effort is not the same, only twisting children, four legs missing! Beds and large table tops are resistant to deformation, and chairs, especially coffee tables, are more prone to irregularities. If you saw off a little longer leg at this time, after some time the furniture was sluggish and there was a gap, so I suggested to buy a few cents a rubber pad stick under the leg, and look at the changes in a year later, the situation may be It will get better. It's easy to saw legs. It's a performance that ignores the future. You can't beat your future today. It's probably not wood that can't be deformed, especially hardwood. What do you do when you blow the most dry and damp in the summer? Wet and dry shrink physical laws.

Is the dragon furniture not suitable for home use? Can't live in town?

There is no superstition now. If there is a true dragon, he must be a person who is suffering first and foremost. Therefore, there is no connection between a piece of dragon furniture in the home and the town.

The simple dragon with a small area (Wen Long, Cao Long, Zong Zi Long) or flat-bottom shallow dragon can be placed anywhere. A large area of ​​deep Yunlong (very long carved lifelike, it is also called true dragon) is more grand, if you want to create a simple, comfortable home environment, Yunlong is not appropriate, some people like the solemn, calm, the majestic Yunlong, Water dragons are perfect.

How to maintain mahogany furniture?

To show its value, most stores and experts put forward various requirements for the maintenance of mahogany furniture. I usually do not have any special maintenance on my own furniture, basically do not care to ignore it. Once, I also pretended to require my customers to maintain furniture as required. The customer's family rushed out of the back room and blew at me: "You can't touch the water, you can't get the sun, and you can wipe it and eat it. Buy your ancestors! "She was right and she couldn't let things get tired. Later, I dared not supply the mahogany furniture to the head and told my customers how to maintain the furniture. The old furniture I received was estimated to have been spent in any harsh environment. I am still using it now, and I estimate that they are over 200 years old. If you have the energy to maintain it:

A, try not to basking, try not to soak in water.

B, the entire move, there is damage and repair immediately.

C. Rub walnut oil or ordinary salad oil, wax and so on each year.

D, add some wet in the winter, in addition to wet summer, there is peace in all seasons.

As the dry and wet rose furniture rose in the season will be issued a "click" sound, there are reasons for opening the plastic, there are too tight and squeaking, this is not a problem, if the furniture does not cross the cross will not be compact will not Making a noise, it will be more troublesome.

Isn't the carved furniture easy to clean and wipe?

Carved furniture is relatively difficult to wipe, but there are ways:

A, brush with a long hair brush, as fast as the tool determines efficiency.

B. If the soil inside the crevice is not too much, there is no serious problem if it is not clear. Naturally adsorbed dust represents the accumulation of years. That is how many Tibetans pursue the realm. Excessive watts of watts seems to be less concise and subtle gas, Shen Mu quaint meaning is gone.

Why are the more warm and moisturizing mahogany furniture, the more charm?

What is moist? From the visual point of view, the glowing light seems to be translucent like jade. It is not thief bright, it is not cloudy or oily. It has a sense of lubrication from the touch of the hand and the heat conduction rate is lower than the smooth new wood board. When the wood is attached with a thick layer of wax, there is a sense of hindrance in the hand touch. There is a guy who imitates the Huanghua Pear's generous Zen stool. He sells and sells 80,000! As soon as I moved this Zen stool, I felt a sense of slickness that I had never felt before. After washing his hands with clean water, his fingers were still smooth and smooth. It is estimated that he used talc-like materials to handle the furniture. This kind of lubrication is not a sense of warmth.

What is the charm? The cordial atmosphere used by people for a long time. The new furniture has just been polished, and it is as bright and light as everywhere, but it is unnatural and unsophisticated. In the jargon of collectors, it is called "birth", "fake" and "cold". It is not moist and there is no atmosphere. Mahogany furniture is not afraid to use, afraid of new, afraid of residual.

Whether it is lobular Tan or red rosewood or rosewood, why is the darker wood material better?

I do not know how many people discussed with me in the end what kind of material is good, I have also fallen into this deep thinking. Before discussing specific concrete materials, we first understand what material is good material.

A, hard, heavy, and resilient. Hard and heavy is a pretty brother, hard materials make the furniture stable and durable, not susceptible to corrosion, toughness so that the carving is not collapsed, the structure is not easily damaged.

B, colorful and smooth. Ming people prefer it.

C, color dignified, Shen Mu. Qing people prefer it.

D, oily. Refers to oil, wax, luster, this material looks moist, oil appears less dry, firewood. Perfect wood with almost every kind of merit is almost nothing.

For example: Huanghua pear has toughness, elegant color, gorgeous lines, but light, soft; straight and thick red hollow wood logs out after the color is light, hardness, density is slightly smaller, toughness is slightly smaller, looks The crooked tree is small, thin, and hollow. It opens out in purple and black, with a high hardness density and a little toughness. The same material can be used for comparison and selection, and it is well known. However, if it is overly true, it is actually a matter of self-contradiction and an affliction to self. I have collected a leaflet Dan Wanli cabinet, has been unwilling to sell for many years, did not dare to want to sell it at the time of hand tight. This giant cabinet door has a few pieces of board color, which are similar to mahogany and the surrounding wood is very inconsistent, and the oil is not big, but it is not as ruddy as chicken blood red sandalwood, but the wood pipe is very small and small, like Hainan pear. A string of large and small coins like grimace like broken beads scattered on it, light, smooth, comfortable, often see it back, let me leave a happy smile. This piece of wood is not like the red sandalwood, cow hair, dense grain, density, color are the next product, but the strengths are extremely rare. So, everything is not really big.

A, purple is a rosewood: good color, red brown, light brown, yellow brown, yellow, light yellow, yellow and white, the material in turn, poor, rich pattern is good, wood duct too dense too thick this is the kind of wood characteristics , but it is not welcome.

B, red rosewood: dark red color, black and purple with black strips, oil for the top grade, light brown, light gray, dry for the second.

C, Vietnamese pear: purple, or rich, heavy purple strips for the top grade, this type of wood is often dense, wood ducts smaller, commonly known as apricot or tree root or lotus root knot material. The ramming material is caused by the external growth of the tree, which is caused by diseases, insects, lightning strokes, etc., to stimulate the normal growth pattern, resulting in a staggered mass of wood grain. From the cut-out wood plane, it is seen that the braid pattern, the boxing pattern, the wave pattern, and the hank Patterns and so on. The tree roots also have the characteristics of pods. In addition to the above, most yellowwood ducts are thick, and although the material quality is oily but rough, it cannot be carved at all. Except for oil, the material of the rosewood is generally not much better. It may be driven by Ming Huanghuali furniture and Vietnam's export of environmental protection species protection policy guidance, so that the price of yellow more than Xiaoye Tan. Hainan huanghuali in Yuehuang and Ming-style furniture should not be a tree species. Some experts believe that it is a subspecies relationship. In most cases, the materials of the two species are very well distinguished. After special selection, it is difficult to discern. I have a few pieces of small wood. Now I can't tell whether it is yellow or yellow, and there are not enough reasons. It made me very confused. The old things that are not decided make people very unsteady. The grimace is a dead spot produced by wood. The normal straight wood texture is disturbed, and a circle of colored wood grain is produced around this spot. This kind of phenomenon will have any kind of wood, and it cannot be used as the basis for identifying Huanghua pear. If these dead spots die too long, they will be cracked and eroded to form holes. This may be due to the lower density of sea yellow than rosewood and its extremely elastic toughness. . Lobular face of the leaflet is mostly cracked, even to make up holes. Experts working in the Forbidden City wrote that Huanghuali furniture of the National Palace Museum was almost yellow, golden, light yellow, and had no faces. They said that these materials should be made of raw materials, monoliths, and twists and turns. Only a few faces, this expert's words really subvert everyone's pursuit of aesthetics, it does not matter, everybody has Luobo cabbage love.

D, Xiaoye Tan: Xiaoye Tan has many kinds of material, and their hobbies are different. I only say that I feel, the color is black and purple, as long as it is not cracked; chicken blood red sandalwood is translucent bloody red or brown, brownish yellow , Which accounts for less than one-tenth of the stock of lobelia, is a good material; fine wood is almost nowhere to be seen in wood ducts; cow hair is densely clothed or has a “S” pattern; wood ducts are thick and long, commonly known as “axles. The material "big cow hair" is also very happy. Different parts of a tree may have different textures. For example, a piece of a board full of Venus, is very cute, but the back of the board is dark with a cluster of cow hair, so Venus rosewood, Pterostilbene, chicken blood rosewood only in different materials It is not the difference between species. If a piece of furniture consists of many different texture materials, isn't it a good thing? Why emphasize the unity of materials?

There is a difference in the texture of the wood, and the color difference is large. If the furniture is not dyed, the colors will make people feel like there is a mess of flowers. It does not matter! Isn't this exactly the image of nature? Artificial signs are heavy and fake. The appearance of mahogany logs is generally light yellow, white, and soft. It is a newly active young cell that grows into a young adult. The inner ring gradually or abruptly darkens. The more yellow the rosewood is, the more gradual it is, the small leaves, the red rosewood, Sea yellow is a mutation. The inner circle, called "medullary heart", is mostly a dormant or dead cell. After a long time (several hundred years), those dead cells rot into powder and the trees hollow out. The closer the material to the center of the tree is, the heavier the material is, the greater the specific gravity is, but the elasticity, toughness, and brittleness are enhanced. This change was most noticeable in rosewood, followed by red rosewood and sea yellow. It seems absolutely hard to find, it's better! I have done a pair of Siping top cabinets, small leaf Tan, I was superstitious black hard and heavy heartwood, just made a purple color when the black, superior material also! When it comes to the winter, it is filled with gelatin: The plasticity of this material is small, and there are many cracks on the flat panel. Most of the original grimacing centers have opened flowers and crack into an ice-grain pattern. It's hard to get sad.

What is rosewood pear and grass pear?

There is a saying: people are divided into threes and sixs, etc., wood is divided into red sandalwood pear, red sandalwood rosewood is commonly known as rosewood. In order to distinguish between the more advanced Vietnamese Huanghua pear and Hainan Huanghua pear (all are Dalbergia sinensis wood), it is commonly known as Cauliflower pear. It is one of the five types of medium-density, oil, and grain of the Redwood classification. . There are also stores that do not weigh rosewood pear pear pear, pear grass that is not belong to mahogany wood, such as high cotton pears, red pears (big red material) Brazil rosewood, etc., this is only different titles, no serious problem.

Rosewood rosewood should contain 7 kinds of wood, but many businesses may be to increase the price but it refers to a material of the best rosewood. Pteridophytes are mainly pale yellow, with dark-colored strips with less texture, and a few brown-red ones with higher hardness and density than light-colored rosewood. In addition to the epidermis, the general rosewood is not moved with the nails, and very few sink into water.

Rosewood is a rosewood catheter characteristics: First, dense, second is thick, the third is presented as "S"-shaped, and the fourth is a trifling clustered forward, few such as the pear was "eight" wheat-like. In case of a particularly long wood duct, it is also denser and slightly curved forward.

More than double the price of red sandalwood rose pear is high cotton pear, safflower pear, and Brazilian rose pear. High-cotton pears are much lighter on the hand and are almost all very light yellowish. Fingers can be scratched, and wood canopies are sparsely distributed. Dry and firewood are far less oily than purple pears. Frequently, all masquerading pears that are inconspicuously blended with cotton pears will be too prominent. The saffron is pear-red, and the wooden conduit is larger and longer and longer. The nails can be swiped. Brazil rose pear is light brown, brown lines are extremely complex as the sky clouds emerge endlessly, there are "three inches must be called water stains," the wood pipe is relatively straight and regular distribution, sometimes clearly visible layered distribution rings. “Water stained pattern” is a dark wood grain on the light-colored wood surface, like water seepage on the paper, leaving traces of finely jagged and shallow, very light and thin with outward infiltration tension, this “water stains "Stripe" is particularly prominent in Hainan Huanghua pear. Fine floating, such as a soft tulle floats, is an important condition for the identification of sea yellow.

It is said that in the Republic of China, red rosewood is equivalent to rosewood, and now rosewood is twice as low. It seems that rosewood is underestimated and there is a lot of room for growth. Rosewood is light yellow in color and yellowish brown in color. It is a warm shade. The deep fringe looks a bit like a yellow pear. It is more suitable for modern home decoration and is favored by young people. The price of two pieces of rosewood is only worth a red rosewood, and the price is sure inexpensive!

What is the white skin of wood?

White skin, also known as white, is a layer of lighter (grey, yellow, white) hardwood newly grown wood cells with a softer appearance on the outer surface of the red wood logs. This type of cell differs significantly from wood heartwood and is almost two different types of substances. As the growth period prolongs, these cells will turn into dark, heavy, and hard heartwood. The heartwood is also called the pith of logs and is a dormant, semi-dormant, or completely dead wood cell. Some wood logs can account for two-thirds of the logs. It can be seen that the material rate is low. Generally, furniture is not used for appearance. Occasionally, it is fine. You can also look at the natural changes and properties of wood. Lobular sandalwood has a large oil content and occasionally remains on the furniture. After a period of use, the light yellowish-white-white oil is like a suet jade, which is really cute. Everyone does not like white watches, but they do not know that they also have unique beauty. Buying furniture is also a matter of blessing.

Why is it uncomfortable to use mahogany furniture when compared to modern furniture?

The use of canopy bed is not as soft as Simmons, but it is good for the body not to suffer from lower back and leg pain. Sitting on the chair requires a straight upper body, but it is good for abdomen and healthy waist to comfort the chest. The use of an arhat bed plus a small table is a plush but not as soft as a sofa. , With Ming-style the most comfortable official hat chair office to ensure your heart is far more broad, but not as flexible as the boss swivel chair. The softness and comfort are indeed the wisdom of the modern people. This cannot be denied. The ancient people, especially the Qing Dynasty, spoke of dignity, status, and etiquette. They demanded that people stand in a sitting posture, stand like a pine, sit like a bell, and behave like a wind. Therefore, The furniture in the past also included social status and ritual functions, which are more prominent in Qing style furniture.
















常和同行谈天说地,他们谈到自己接触过的名人时没有提及其人格、事迹、思想的,而是代以:××家,有一个三米长独板条案,占据一面墙壁,上边陈设清供文玩、、、、、。看, 镇宅之物掩盖了人本身 ,可见物质之威力。的确,有几件难得之物,会使自己快乐很长时间。





古典红木家具在提升人的品味、陶冶人的性情、增长见识等方面的作用立竿见影 ,似乎自视甚高追求颇远、见解独到、修养有道的人大多与古典家具有渊源,毕竟家具与人的日常生活接触颇广,影响人的审美及生活方式也最深。你看,端坐在官帽椅上,伏在云龙画案上品赏宋人工笔花鸟,那是何等人生至乐境界与文化氛围。但也确实有不少有钱人在大肆吞吐的时候却很少思考历史的、情操的、精神的问题,这其实是另一种清贫和可怜,“人以文化装备自己,才能尽享上苍与人共同创造的美感。”


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