What brand of floor wax is good for floor wax?

January 24, 2021

Nowadays, more and more wood floors are used in home improvement. Wood floors are favored by consumers because of their advantages of environmental protection, non-pollution, and good heat insulation, but wood floors have low hardness, corrosion resistance, and easy bugs. Therefore, the floor wax came into being. The main role of floor wax is to clean, protect and polish. Below small introduction What makes a good floor wax and floor wax use for everyone.

What brand of floor wax is good

1, Bailey beads

Founded in 1886, Bailizhu Flooring Wax is a leader in the field of household cleaning. Beyond Asia and other regions, Bailey Pearl has deep influence and is known as the world's leading producer.

2. Green Umbrella

After years of hard work, Green Umbrella has accumulated a lot of experience. At present, it has been a period of rapid development. It has established a sound corporate management concept, a scientific management model, and gradually developed into a higher profile enterprise.

3, Green Mercure

Green Mercure is committed to creating a green and environmentally-friendly home environment and provides consumers with clean maintenance solutions. This product can effectively reduce the dryness of the floor, restore the original new appearance of the floor, and lasting bright as new.

4, Mrs. Poly

Mrs. Poly, as a pioneer in the household environmental protection industry, relies on powerful technology and technology to gradually become a new generation of home care products. In addition, Mrs. Di is not only involved in floor maintenance, but also has a series of product developments for home kitchens and household cleaning.

The use of floor wax

1, clean

Always use floor wax for floor care. This can form a protective film on the surface to isolate the floor and dirt and prevent dirt from directly contacting the floor, resulting in inconvenient cleaning in the future.

2, moist

The floor is often waxed and “oil board” is formed on the surface, which can keep the moisture in the floor from leaking and causing dry cracking, thereby keeping the floor from deformation and cracking.

3, protection

Floor wax protects the surface of the wooden floor and does not change color even when exposed to direct sunlight.

4, glazing

Floor wax can make the floor bright and keep the floor elastic.

Editor's summary: What brand of floor wax is good and the use of floor wax is introduced here, I hope to be helpful to everyone, want to know more relevant knowledge can focus on this site information.

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