Is it good to decorate the spiral staircase? Any suggestions?

January 27, 2021

In the villa decoration, the role of the stairs is very important, the stairs are not only the connection tool between the floor and the floor, but also play the role of villa decoration. There are many styles of stairs, and the decoration of the spiral staircase is vivid and varied, saving space, and it often becomes a landscape in space. However, because of its small force point and the lack of gravity, many people are discouraged. In the end, the villa's spiral staircase is good? Then follow the decoration home network Xiaobian to learn about the relevant content!

The characteristics of the renovated spiral staircase, the streamlined shape of the rotating staircase is beautiful and elegant, the modeling features are outstanding, and the spiral rising shape can save a lot of space and is popular, which is very suitable for small-sized homes. Because of the structural problem, the tread plate is swayed up and down if walking on the outside of the stairs. This is a problem that causes the common disadvantage of the center column rotary staircase, and the larger the radius of the walking of the stairs, the more swaying.


The material of the spiral staircase is decorated with concrete, steel and even plexiglass. Modern materials are more suitable for the flow and lightness of the rotating ladder. For example: steel stairs. One of the most fashionable elements on the market. If you add glass pedals and railings, you can achieve the most popular minimalist style in foreign countries, but it is expensive. Suitable for a full-fledged, ideologically active minority. Choosing a steel staircase is a relatively fashionable approach. Steel stairs generally spray matt pigments on the surface of the material, without the glare of sparkling sensation. These stair materials and processing costs are higher. In addition, there are steel rails, hemp ropes, etc., which are used as stair railings, with wooden slabs and handrails, which look good and are relatively inexpensive.


Disadvantages of the renovation of the spiral staircase, the spiral staircase can not be used as the main pedestrian traffic and evacuation stairs, but due to the space saving, it is often used in office buildings, residential buildings with a small number of floors or in the courtyard or indoor use as architectural sketches. The load-bearing capacity of a spiral staircase is generally between 150KG and 200KG. In contrast, the weight of a steel-wood staircase is generally around 400KG. Rotating stairs are more space-saving. Generally speaking, the size of the rotating hole can be as small as 1300*1300MM, or 1400*1100MM. The current spiral staircase is also the center column rotating staircase. It has only one force point, which is the center. Force. In short, in the design of the spiral staircase, the difficulty of the process caused by the change of the shape of the rotary ladder should be taken into account. The owners should reasonably select the material and shape according to the existing equipment, market, economy and other factors.

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