Hengdian Group officially settled in the private industrial zone

October 28, 2018

In October, the Hengdian (Taiyuan) Industrial Park project with an investment of 400 million yuan was officially settled in the private industrial zone of Taiyuan. After the completion of the project, the Taiyuan Gangyu Group under the Hengdian Group will be withdrawn from the city as a whole, in a larger space. Realize green development and transformation and development.

Hengdian (Taiyuan) Industrial Park is located in Zhaozhuang Village, Houcun Township, Yangqu County. It is a major measure for Hengdian Group to combine the industrial advantages of Gangyu Group and realize the transformation and development of corundum. The first phase of the project covers an area of ​​300 mu and plans to invest 400 million yuan. Yuan, the annual sales will reach 1.2 billion yuan and the profits and taxes will reach 100 million yuan.

After more than 30 years of development, Hengdian Group has gradually formed three leading industries of electrical and electronic, pharmaceutical and chemical, film and television entertainment, and has become one of the “Top 500 Chinese Enterprise Groups”, “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises” and “Top 500 Chinese Businesses”. Hengdian Group's project in Taiyuan Private Industrial New District has three major categories of seven products: one is material projects, including aluminum-magnesium alloy, NdFeB and diamond products; the other is logistics projects, including automated stereoscopic libraries and Two products of the lifting platform; the third is the electrical and electronic projects, including high isolation transformers and micro-objective motors. These products are widely used in railway power, military products, automotive, electronics, logistics equipment and other industries, and have broad market prospects.