Can the wallpaper be posted by yourself? 6 steps let you easily paste the wallpaper

February 20, 2021

At present, there are many materials for decorating walls, such as paint and wallpaper. Among them, wallpaper is favored by consumers, and it can play a very good decorative role. Although the construction of the wallpaper is relatively simple, it is necessary to master certain methods and skills so that the perfect effect can be pasted. Can the wallpaper be posted by yourself ? Let's take a look at the 6 steps of wallpapering together with the editor.

1. Can the wallpaper be pasted by itself?

First shovel off the original paint or other debris on the wall, and then use gypsum powder to fill up the cracked wall surface. Secondly, if sand walls or poor quality partitions are to be covered with wallpaper, then these walls must be nailed and plastered so that the walls can be smooth and free of stains.

2. Can the wallpaper be affixed by yourself-crop the wallpaper

To measure the wall to be wallpapered, and then cut the wallpaper according to the size, check whether the color number and batch number of the wallpaper are consistent before cutting. Under normal circumstances, when cutting the length of the wallpaper, the length of the wall should be more than about 5 inside, which can facilitate the subsequent paving.

3. Can the wallpaper be affixed by yourself-brush the base film and glutinous rice glue

The base film has the function of protecting the wall surface, which can effectively prevent the penetration of water and alkaline substances from staining the wallpaper, and also has the functions of preventing moisture and mildew. When brushing the base film, brush from the bottom to the top, so that the base film will not fall on the floor, causing pollution and waste, and can ensure the flatness of the base film on the wall. Secondly, after the base film is dried for a small hour, apply glutinous rice glue again, and put a layer of newspaper on the floor when applying the glutinous rice glue, so as to effectively keep the floor clean.

4. Can the wallpaper be pasted by yourself?

In general, the wallpaper is pasted from the door or the corner of the corner from top to bottom. When the first one is pasted, a vertical line should be used to make a straight line, so that the wallpaper pasted can be vertical. Then scrape from top to bottom with a scraper, not too hard. If there are bubbles inside, use a scraper to scrape the bubbles out.

5. Can the wallpaper be pasted by myself?

Use the knife to trim the extra wallpaper from the upper and lower ends, then wipe off the excess glue with a rag. If there are bubbles after the wallpaper is dry, you can pierce the bubbles with a needle, and then use a scraper to level it.

6. Can the wallpaper be affixed by yourself-dry and dry wallpaper

After all the wallpaper is pasted, the doors and windows should be closed for 3 days to allow the wallpaper to dry naturally. The heating equipment or air conditioner must not be used to accelerate drying, as this will cause the wallpaper to shrink sharply and cause cracking.

Editor's summary: Through the above-mentioned explanation of the steps of pasting wallpaper, can the wallpaper be pasted by myself ? I believe my friends have the bottom of their hearts. Secondly, in the follow-up use of wallpaper, the wallpaper should be cleaned frequently so as to increase its service life.

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