How much is a ton of cement and how can it be distinguished

February 20, 2021

Whether building a house or laying a road, cement is an indispensable construction item. However, if you buy bad quality cement when you buy it, it will affect the use time of houses and roads. Today we will understand How much is a ton of cement and how can you tell the relevant content of the cement?

1. How much is one ton of cement

In fact, the price of cement is the same as clothes, and there is no very fixed price, so I have to tell how much a ton of cement is , and I cannot give an accurate number. It is mainly based on the brand and model of cement. , The manufacturer and the region to determine its price. For example, the price of cement here is about 300 to 600 yuan / ton. The price in each region is different, so before you buy, it is best to find familiar People who are in the market or go to investigate the approximate price of cement.

Second, the cement brand recommendation

1. Global

Established in 1987, Universal has more than two decades of development history. They already have independent production and independent research and development capabilities, and the brand is trustworthy.

2. High time

Gaoshi can be said to be one of the largest stone suppliers in China. Since its establishment, the company has been developing and innovating continuously, and its quality is guaranteed.

3. Milestone

Wanli Stone can be said to be one of the largest, most professional and most complete stone enterprise groups in China. They strive to meet the requirements of every consumer and have an excellent service attitude.

3. How to distinguish the quality of cement

1. From the appearance and packaging quality

Good cement will have the manufacturer's registered trademark on the outer packaging, where it is produced, the production license number, the implementation standard, the packaging date, the net weight of the bag, the factory number, the type of cement, and other signs. The color is off-white.

2. "Wen" mud analysis quality

Smell is to listen to, and listen to how the business introduces the cement formula. Generally, the regular manufacturers are very strict in the choice of raw materials, and the setting time is long, the strength is high, and the durability is good.

3. "Ask" the source of the mud

Ask the manufacturer who is the manufacturer of the cement. Now the good manufacturers are all using the new type dry method rotary kiln production, advanced computer technology control management, so as to ensure the quality of cement products.

Editor's summary: The above is all the content that the editor shared about how much a ton of cement is and how to distinguish the quality of cement. Cement also has a shelf life, so when buying, be sure to see the production date and shelf life of the cement, and do not buy cement that expires soon.

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