Harbin Institute of Technology develops biotechnology to solve environmental pollution caused by potato residue

February 23, 2021

Yesterday, Harbin Institute of Technology held a pilot test demonstration of biotechnology for the recycling of potato starch industrial waste. Harbin Institute of Technology developed biotechnology that converts starch industrial waste into high-quality cell protein feed, filling the gap in the industry and being listed as a high-tech by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Promotion directory.

Potato is one of the most important grain and cash crops in China, and it is widely used as raw material in food industry, feed industry and pharmaceutical industry. In the past, a large amount of industrial waste was generated during the processing of potatoes. The utilization method of potato potato residues has limitations. Potato processing adds some chemicals. The potato residues have poor palatability and cannot be directly used by livestock and poultry. The previous drying and other processes consume a lot of energy After drying, the potato has low nutritional value as feed, and the benefits are not significant; the separation and extraction of the protein in the juice only partially uses the juice, and the pollution problem cannot be completely solved.

In order to realize the potential economic value of potato starch production waste and solve the harm caused by potato residues and high-concentration organic sewage, the Bioengineering Center of Harbin Institute of Technology successfully developed a process for the production of single-cell protein by potato potato residues and juice water resources. This is currently the only biotechnology in the world that solves this problem. The process uses potato potato residue and juice produced in the starch processing process as raw materials. Under optimized fermentation conditions, it can quickly decompose cellulose, pectin and other components in potato potato residue, and produce high-quality cell protein feed through subsequent processes. Harbin Institute of Technology and related enterprises completed the construction and operation of this technology pilot demonstration line at the end of August this year. The capacity of converting potato residue juice water is 4 tons / time, and each operation cycle is 3 days.

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