How about low-key luxury decoration style

February 24, 2021

Solid wood sofas are stable and thick, with a relatively long service life, and are increasingly loved by many users and friends. A variety of materials and styles of solid wood sofas are emerging in the market. It is really necessary to choose a sofa that suits you. The following is small The editor recommends several solid wood sofas, maybe you will like it.


Guan Lan

The blue leather soft bag is refreshing, fresh and shiny, with smooth lines, full of quality and charm. The clear texture and smooth touch give people a unique experience.

Guanlan selected South American walnut wood, with a simple personality and mellow tones. On the basis of solid wood, it adds the charm of the luxury sports car, and transforms it into smooth lines and rounded arcs . The combination of dynamic and static gives a different sense of charm, and the unique design inspiration makes people shine.


Yilin Pavilion

It mainly produces post-modern Chinese furniture. It has unparalleled expression techniques and manufacturing techniques of traditional Ming and Qing solid wood furniture, combined with modern furniture style and artistic taste. On this basis, the designers boldly adopted the humanized design concept of combining Chinese and Western, and scientifically designed a variety of high-end furniture with both traditional style and era.

Elegant, comfortable, warm and practical series of solid wood furniture, through the atmospheric space layout, reflects the relaxed and casual feeling, expresses a feeling of tolerance, atmosphere and yearning for freedom, making the family a place to release pressure and liberate the soul.

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