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February 25, 2021

On January 6, 2019, the 6th China Home Furnishing Industry Development Annual Conference and China Home Furnishing Industry Leaders Summit was held in Beijing National Convention Center. With its strong industry strength, Rose Island has won the important award of the "Big Wild Goose Award"-"Bathroom Leading Brand" that enjoys the reputation of the "Oscar" in the Chinese home furnishing industry. The "Great Wild Goose Award" of China's home furnishing industry is a lofty award recognized by consumers, mainstream media, industry organizations, and experts. Winning this award shows that Rose Island is highly recognized by the industry, contributes wisdom and strength to promote the development of China's home furnishing industry, and leads the brand-new development of the bathroom industry.

As the most influential and most concerned event in the industry, the China Home Furnishing Industry Leaders Summit attracted the participation of thousands of home furnishing industry leaders and elites from all over the country. The conference conducted an in-depth review and summary of 2018 through thematic reports and summit forums, analyzed and analyzed the new pattern of the home furnishing industry in 2019, and jointly witnessed and looked forward to the new development of the home furnishing industry.

In 2018, the home furnishing industry entered a new normal state of steady development. With the rise of new middle class and the upgrading of consumption, people's demand for a better life is also becoming stronger. Under such a new social situation, Rose Island is engaged in product development, manufacturing, and business. Mode exploration, cross-border cooperation, informatization, new retail and other aspects continue to make efforts to seek innovation and change, and will also usher in new opportunities for development.

Leading brand, 23 years of ingenuity

Shining like electricity, flowing like wind. Behind the honor, Rose Island has been dedicated and dedicated for 23 years. In 1996, the founder of Rose Island went south to Guangdong and Zhongshan, and founded the ROSERY Rose Island brand, and entered the field of shower rooms. In 2003, it entered the international market. In 2016, it entered the Times Square in New York with the top 100 companies such as Gree and Mengniu. With high-quality products and advanced concepts, it showed the world the Chinese-made king attitude. In 2017, Rose Island once again launched a powerful impact on the world stage as a representative of the Chinese bathroom, appearing on the NASDAQ in the United States. After 23 years of careful operation, today, we are dedicated to providing "one-stop bathroom space solutions" for global families, and are also the world's leading manufacturer of shower rooms. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, America and Asia Rose Island has moved from China to the world and has become a leader in the bathroom industry. The Rose Island, which always speaks with quality, interprets the leading brand itself with practical actions.

Focus on the bathroom space, oriented by consumer demand

Interpret the concept of understanding space and being able to live. Today, after the strong rise of new consumer groups in the post-90s and post-00s, Rose Island firmly implements the big data strategy, focuses on the bathroom space, and always focuses on customer needs and takes overall solutions as the core To continuously optimize the product concept. Adhering to the original intention of doing every bathroom space, creating a better bathroom life for consumers, accelerating and promoting the new development of the bathroom industry.

Thousands of hammers are refined, only for fine products. As an industry leader, Rose Island has always insisted on product innovation and iterative upgrade of core functions. They firmly believe that "only user standards are good product standards." As a result, Rose Islanders have always proceeded from the needs of users to make the experience more user-friendly and continuously improve the consumer's sense of experience, thereby creating a better home quality life experience for consumers around the world.

Thick and thin hair

In 2018, the "cold winter" in the building materials market did not stop Rose Islanders from renewing their pace of innovation. In a market environment where challenges and opportunities coexist, Rose Island resolutely adjusts and upgrades its brand strategy. They insist on stimulating the market with innovation and shining in a gorgeous manner. At the Shanghai Exhibition in June, Rose Island subverted the limitations of the traditional industry, issued a strong sound of full-scale martial arts customization, and made brand innovations to win widespread attention in the industry; it rose to 90,000 miles. In October, Rose Island became the first in the domestic shower room industry. It is also the only bathroom brand to hold a press conference in China's tallest tower. In the Guangzhou Tower at a height of 600 meters, Rose Island's fourth-generation shower room conference became the headline of the kitchen and bathroom; Double Eleven, Rose Island, which won the Tmall shower room category and the double champion of the full-custom customized list, successfully entered the sky as a dark horse. Cat Billion Club. Without stepping, no step is possible, and every step of Rose Island sounds loudly.

Since its founding in 1996, more than 20 years of wind and rain have helped each other, and every step of Rose Island has been solid and steady. After years of hardening, the road of advanced development of its brand is both vigorous and relaxed. As a leading bathroom brand, Rose Island will always promote the development of China's home furnishing industry with the leading role of the benchmark, embrace market changes, not fear of challenges, and write more possibilities for the home furnishing industry.

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