Shangshan Precision Machinery: How is the electrode material of the Longmen machining center considered good?

March 18, 2021

How to choose the electrode material of Gantry machining center? Is the choice of electrode material so great? The answer is yes.
The choice of electrode materials for the gantry machining center will affect the following questions: 1. Convenience and efficiency of the workpiece 2. EDM characteristics 3. Processing accuracy and surface quality What are the requirements of the gantry machining center for electrode materials? 1. The higher the melting point of the tool electrode material, the smaller the electrode loss (electrode loss is inevitable during processing).
2. It has good thermal conductivity. The rapid evaporation and high-speed machining center generated during the processing process discharges heat, and the insulating medium quickly recovers the processing performance to avoid arc burns.
3. Good conductivity, easy to produce ionization, and meet the basic discharge conditions.
4. It has good mechanical properties, is easy to process, and has good resistance to deformation.
5. Low coefficient of thermal expansion. During the EDM process, the size of the electrode can be kept stable to ensure accuracy.
The above is the daily knowledge of Longmen Machining Center. I am not content to see friends here: Ah, you write these things online. What is the point of writing this? I can write it myself. Here, it is necessary to remind you that as long as it is useful to you, even if it is repeated, it is valuable; if it is not valuable to you, even if it is fresh, it is meaningless. The purpose of compiling knowledge is to help us understand machines systematically.

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