Dongfanghong No. 5 public platform realizes efficient fuel utilization

March 20, 2021

The reporter was informed on January 9 that the "Dongfanghong-5" satellite public platform was successfully launched for the first time. The satellite fuel efficient utilization technology developed by 502 of the fifth academy of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group has a fuel extrusion efficiency of 99.85%, which is in a leading position in the world.

The 502's satellite fuel efficient utilization technology includes a new generation of plate-type surface tension tanks, high-precision space ultrasonic flowmeters, fuel high-precision balanced discharge technology, etc. A new generation of plate-type tanks has realized the effective separation and transmission of gas and liquid in a suspended state, and has completed a major leap from "semi-management" to "full-management" of fuel management capabilities, that is, the fuel carried by satellites can achieve nearly 100% utilization . In addition, on the first star of the "Dongfanghong No. 5" platform, the world's first in-orbit direct measurement of satellite fuel flow was also achieved.

It is reported that the 502 Institute has also developed a satellite version of "water meter" for the problem that the fuel is highly corrosive and it is difficult to accurately measure the flow rate. The "water meter" uses ultrasound to penetrate the wall of the pipe to make non-contact measurement of fuel usage, and uses the time difference between ultrasonic transmission and reception to measure the fuel flow rate. The time resolution of this time difference reaches one billionth of a second.

Relying on this, the 502 developed balanced emission technology, accurately adjusting the corresponding two tank fuel discharge in real time, and the balance emission control accuracy is better than 0.5%. This achievement can ensure the safety of satellites and extend the life of satellites, and is at a leading level in the world. (Zheng Jinwu Xue Yingmin)

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