Longmen Machining Center Working Fluid Circulation Filter System-Shangshan Precision Machinery

March 20, 2021

The structure and working principle of the working fluid circulation filtration system of the gantry machining center are as follows: (1) The structure of the cnc gantry machining center filtration system is mainly composed of a working liquid tank (including liquid level adjustment, flushing, oil pumping adjustment, etc.) and a Filter oil tank composition.
a. Working tank. The steel plate welding structure can be used to open the front door of the tank body, and the oil-resistant rubber sealing strip is adopted. The liquid level adjustment mechanism is installed on the left side of the tank: S drain plate, T liquid level protection, flushing, pump valve, etc.
B. Filter pool, also known as fuel depot. Kerosene working fluid, the oil is about 470 liters (540 ~ 540650 model 1300 liters), the oil path uses filter paper to filter the amount of radial C, D two (4 650) filters are used in series to meet the filtering requirements. Work centrifugal pump The direction valve is connected to N, in use, to open the pump required for the cap, the working fluid to satisfy vacuum suction of the injected oil.
(2) The working fluid engineering kerosene of the CNC machining center is drawn from the oil storage tank through the working hydraulic pump, and then enters the working oil tank through the paper filter and each regulating valve. The filthy oil returns to the oil suction chamber after preliminary precipitation to complete the circulation process.

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