Shangshan Seiki: Preventive measures for deformation and cracking of processed materials in the Longmen machining center

March 21, 2021

In the case of deformation and processing of the processing material of the CNC machining center, cracking is faced. In this case, we should take the following measures:

Strictly check the chemical composition, metallographic structure and flaw detection of raw materials, and it is not allowed to select unqualified raw materials, coarse-grained steel and steel with harmful impurity content exceeding the standard. Try to choose steels with vacuum melting, refining outside the furnace or electroslag remelting to avoid poor hardenability and material deformation.
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The cnc gantry machining center should reasonably forge the blank, and should follow the forging rules such as extrusion, elongation, and forging ratio. The ratio of raw material length to diameter is the best forging ratio between 2-3.

Choose the ideal cooling rate and cooling medium. After quenching, the steel should be tempered in time to eliminate the quenching internal stress and reduce brittleness as much as possible. Long-term tempering improves the fracture toughness value of the mold. Fully tempered to obtain stable microstructure performance. Repeated tempering makes the residual austenite fully transformed and eliminates new stress.

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