Automatic toilet

April 01, 2021

FüLEN is an international general brand (Shanghai Hanxiong Trading Co., Ltd.) under the Korean Daelim (DAELIMB&Co). Since its establishment in 1966, DAELIMB&Co has continued to provide consumers with high-quality bathroom products and continuously improve people's bathroom experience.

In the course of more than 50 years of development, DAELIMB&Co has always taken "Bathroom Lifestyle Creator" as its mission, adhering to the product design concept of "bathroom should be a beautiful place", leading the market trend of ceramic appliances, smart toilets, faucets and other bathroom products. It has become a leading brand of sanitary ware that smashes the Korean market and leads fashion.

1. Comprehensive intelligence and simple operation

Automatic opening and closing: The cover is automatically opened and closed by a human sensor, making it more convenient for you to use.

Automatic flushing: No need to worry about whether you forget to flush, it has the function of automatic flushing with human sensor.

Wireless remote control: can operate all functions, and the operation is simple, whether children or the elderly can easily operate.

2. Automatically deodorize and make the bathroom fragrance

N-CeraClean, Sanimax technology to prevent bacterial growth and scale! The ceramic surface has a special antibacterial and antifouling coating.

The current non-hygienic problem of the toilet: the curved part of the toilet is directly exposed to the outside, bacteria can easily multiply on it and it is not easy to clean it.

The installation of an air pump increases the cleaning power by 4 times and is softer to the skin. Sitting on the toilet will automatically turn on the deodorizing function, making your space more refreshing.

The nozzles are automatically cleaned before and after use. Cutting-edge technology for flushing with low water pressure and low noise. The function of preventing overflow is realized by installing auxiliary water tank device.

3. Convenient functions designed for different groups of people

Convenient functions designed for the elderly and children!

A one-key operation program designed considering men, women, the elderly, and children. The function can be adjusted freely according to the user's interest.

Four, safety first

Give priority to the safety of users, no matter who is where, it is convenient and safe to use Smart Wash.

Viscosity Index Improver has good shear capacity and viscosity index improving performance. At the same time, it has excellent pour-point depressing effect, suitable for low-viscosity engine oil, long-span Gear Oil, low temperature hydraulic oil and other lubricating oil, which can effectively increase the viscosity index and improve the low temperature performance of oil.

It is synthesized by advanced polymerization technology, which can effectively control the molecular weight of the polymerization product and ensure its good low temperature performance. It is recommended to be used for the formulating of high-grade gear oil and ATF automatic transmission fluid with high shear requirements. With high viscosity and temperature retention performance, it satisfies the low temperature Brookfield viscosity requirements.

This product line includes: Polymethacrylate PMA Viscosity Index Improver VII T602HB, Polymethacrylate PMA Viscosity Index Improver VII T602HC and Polymethacrylate PMA Viscosity Index Improver VII T602HD.

Viscosity Index Improver

Viscosity Index Improver

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