Single Wall Galvanized Corrugated Steel Roofing Sheet for Roof

June 22, 2021

Special Use: High-strength Steel Plate
Stock: Stock
Material: Steel
Surface: Galvanized Coated
Thickness: 0.12-1.2mm
Model Number: 0.12-2.0mm*600-1250mm
Delivery Time: 7-15days
Trademark: sunshine
Transport Package: Export Seaworthy Packing
Specification: 0.2-0.8mm
Origin: China
HS Code: 7210410000

Part 1. Product description
1) Material: SGCC, SGCH, G550, DX51D, DX52D, DX53D

2)Thickness: 0.12-1.5mm

3)Width: 600-1250mm

4)Popular sizes:
Raw material 762mm to 680,670,660,655,650 mm (after corrugated) and 9 waves
Raw material 914mm to 815,810,790,780mm (after corrugated)  and 11 waves
Raw material 1000mm to 930  915,910,905,900,880,875mm (after corrugated) and 12 or 14 waves
Raw material 1200mm to 1070mm(after corrugated) and 17 waves

5)Surface treatment: unoil,dry,chromate passivated, non-chromate passivated

6)Package: seaworthy package

7)Application: With excellent cold bending molded manufacturablity, good decoration effect, strong anti-corrosion 
ability, galvanized steel coils and sheets are also pollution-free and easily recycled. 
Accordingly, they can be used as final products and basic plates of color coated steel coils and widely applied in 
construction, home appliances, decoration, etc.

8)produce the steel sheet process:
step 1).  cold rolled steel coil

step 2). galvanized steel coil or galvalumed steel coil

step 3). cuting steel coil into steel sheet

step 4). rolling steel sheet in to corrugated sheet.or derectly use the coil made the steel sheet by the  machine

Part 2. Product type
Available models of corrugated plate for wall and roof
YX8-130-910 YX10-112.5-900 YX10-110-880 YX14-65-850
YX15-140-840 YX16-225-900 YX16-80-850 YX18-63.5-825
YX25-200-1000 YX25-210-840 YX25-215-860 YX25-85-765
YX26-205-820 YX26-205-1025 YX28-150-750 YX28-150-900
YX28-280-840 YX32-130-780 YX35-125-750 YX130-300-600

Note:Any model no. you need,pls contact me.Thanks.

Single Wall Galvanized Corrugated Steel Roofing Sheet for Roof

Single Wall Galvanized Corrugated Steel Roofing Sheet for Roof

Single Wall Galvanized Corrugated Steel Roofing Sheet for Roof

Single Wall Galvanized Corrugated Steel Roofing Sheet for Roof

Color steel sheets for
the cladding of warehouse,workshop,office building,house etc.
As below:

Single Wall Galvanized Corrugated Steel Roofing Sheet for Roof
Single Wall Galvanized Corrugated Steel Roofing Sheet for Roof

Part 3.Details requested for quotation:

1. Thickness & width & length & quantity
2. Zinc or color coated
3. Package requirement
4. Others

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Plain Cornice Mouldings

You can achieve an elegant transition from wall to ceiling with Plain Cornice Mouldings/cornice molding/Plain Molding/PU cornice, which are available in various designs to suit all tastes and styles and ensure a beautiful transition from wall to ceiling with a visually interesting effect, Plain Cornice Mouldings is simple but elegant.

Plain Crown Mouldings are very light, easy to install,paintable and drawing.

The elements are not just decorative, they also hide imperfections and crevices,Plain Cornice Moldings are with a double advantage.

Polyurethane Moulding is currently the most popular new high-end building decoration raw material in the market. It has the following excellent characteristics:

1. Superior quality: the product is not deformed, cracked or decayed; it is resistant to corrosion, acid and alkali and can maintain the stability of the material for many years. No worms, no termites; no water absorption, no water seepage, can be washed directly.

2. Convenient construction: the material is lighter, and all products have been painted with white paint, which can be directly pasted, which greatly saves labor and paint.

3. Easy to process: it can be sawed, planed and filed, almost no waste is installed, and it is economical and environmentally friendly. Good coloring: You can apply various colors of water-based and oil-based paint on the surface, and it will last for a long time after coloring. Imitation stone, imitation wood, imitation metal, wonderful.

4. Green environmental protection: no radiation, no volatility. After the high temperature channel is decomposed, it does not produce any harmful gas.

5. Excellent technology: beautiful, durable and exquisite products. The large pieces are magnificent and the small pieces are exquisite. Comprehensively improve the taste of decoration.

6. Wide range of uses: Both indoor and outdoor performance is excellent, suitable for interior and exterior decoration of residences, villas, hotels, American style salons, night clubs, clubs, dance halls, hotels, office spaces, conference halls, etc.


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