Which place in home improvement design can be decorated without spending too much money?

October 27, 2021

As the saying goes, people rely on clothing and horses and saddles, the house is used to live, and it is important to live comfortably. Many home renovations cost a lot of money, but they are actually not good-looking, and sometimes it is troublesome to clean them up. So where in the home improvement design can you look good without spending too much money?

No.1 Suspended ceiling

The suspended ceiling can shield the line, especially the alignment of the hydropower renovation project. When installing the central air conditioning and fresh air system, the pipes are exposed, and the role of the suspended ceiling is played at this time.

However, the complicated shape of the ceiling is not only easy to accumulate dust and take care of trouble, but also has a high layer. If the height of the home is not high, then install a double-layer ceiling, it will give people a feeling of depression.

For small units with insufficient floor height, you can choose a simple suspended ceiling. If the floor height is lower than 2.6m, you can choose to do a partial ceiling or walk around a simple gypsum line, which can save costs and hide pipeline lines.

It can reduce the cost of decoration and the impact on the height of the floor. At the same time, it can be used as a bright spot decoration to increase the layering in the space and make the space more refined.

No.2 chandeliers with complicated shapes

The exaggerated shape of the chandelier is high in pressure, easy to accumulate dust, time-consuming and laborious to clean, and consumes a lot of power.

This exaggerated chandelier is suitable for large units with sufficient floor height. Otherwise, the sugar owner still recommends the use of a simple chandelier, which is attractive, has less dust accumulation, is very convenient to clean, and is more energy efficient.

For those who are small and have high floors, consider the mainless lamp design. Many homeowners on the home app have adopted the mainless lamp, replacing downlights and chandeliers with downlights and spotlights. It is very simple, with more comprehensive lighting and more comfortable light.

No.3 Soft Wall Decoration

Soft-packed wall decoration is usually used in American wind. Although the sound insulation effect is good and the modeling effect is three-dimensional, it is also more suitable for a family with a baby. It is not easy for children to bump and hurt.

However, it occupies a lot of space, which makes the space appear bloated and depressing; and it is not removable, it is troublesome to clean, and it is easy to get wet and moldy when returning to the south.

It is not recommended to make a wall full of soft packs. If it is for the sake of beauty, you can choose a colored wall or wallpaper; if you need to make a soft pack wall, such as a back of a deck, a wall for children's activity area, etc., it is recommended to make a local soft pack wall for function.

No.4 custom wine cabinet

During the decoration, I customized the wine cabinet I missed. However, after staying for a while, I discovered that it turned into a place for debris. Not only does it cost money to customize a wine cabinet, but the diamond-shaped grid is easy to accumulate dust and take care of trouble.

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