Just look at the curtains in your house, you know you are having a bad time

October 31, 2021

In late autumn, the weather gets colder.

In this season of "the heating of northerners and the righteousness of southerners have not yet reached the battlefield, but the cold air is becoming more and more presumptuous",

In addition to long pants, there are curtains that can make you feel warm.

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Curtain design starts from hard loading

Although curtains belong to the category of soft decoration, the requirements must be clarified when hard decoration , otherwise these situations are likely to occur:

Fight between curtains and air conditioning pipes;

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The inner opening window is just next to the curtain, the curtain cannot be closed when the window is opened, shading and ventilation cannot be achieved at the same time;

The bedroom chose a bright pole, the curtains leaked light and I couldn't sleep at dawn.

I didn't think about curtains when I was decorating. I thought it was the same as furniture and electrical appliances. Just go to the Home Furnishing City and choose a look you like.

But once these problems occur, no matter how high-end curtains are, they won’t be able to stop.

Clear needs

It is necessary to clarify the needs of curtains before decoration.

If you want the entire wall to be curtains, you must make sure that there are no air conditioning holes on the wall.

At the same time, determine the relationship between the wall and the cabinet .

Both ends of the curtain will be fixed on the track to prevent the curtain from running away when the curtain is drawn.

If you want curtains on the whole wall, don't put the cabinet on the side of the curtain or the adjacent wall , otherwise it will be more difficult to pick and hang the curtains, and washing the curtains is a nightmare.

(An experience of someone who has a cabinet next to the curtains in every room in the house and is forced by his mother to wash the curtains every year. Although only once a year, it’s sad to think about it.)

▲The curtains are completely blocked by the cabinet. If you don’t move the cabinet, you may not be able to take off the curtains.

A big cabinet is necessary and it can only be placed next to the curtain wall. Promise me that the whole wall is the obsession of curtains, okay?

â–² Or like this, the top wall of the cabinet does not press the curtain

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In addition, the number of curtains must be determined to determine the number of tracks.

If you only need one layer of curtains, choose a single layer track.

However, it is recommended to choose a two-layer track, one layer of cloth curtain and one layer of gauze or blackout curtains.

Roman rod or slide?

After clarifying the requirements, it is necessary to determine the curtain track.

For straight curtain, the main points clear and dark track rail.

Bright rail is the general term for Roman poles and decorative rails, and the common ones are Roman poles.

The concealed rail is dominated by pulleys and is usually hidden in a curtain box.

â–² Top: Bright Rail

Bottom: Dark Track

The bright track and the dark track have their own advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose according to your own preferences and the actual situation at home.

The bright rail conforms to the current concept of "light decoration, heavy decoration", and the common style is the Roman pole.

The materials are mainly solid wood, aluminum alloy and stainless steel pipes.

The solid wood is firm and beautiful, but the price is higher.

Aluminum alloy is the most common material, but there are many choices and the good and the bad are uneven. When choosing, we should focus on the wall thickness. The wall of a good tube is relatively thick, between 1.5mm-2mm.


It is easy to install, just nail the bracket directly, which is suitable for windows that have not been made in advance during the decoration.

Easy to clean. The open rail itself is a crossbar, just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Various shapes and beautiful appearance.


Poor weight bearing. Only one bracket can be placed in the middle of the open rail. If the curtain is too heavy, the shaft may bend over time.

The length is limited. Generally, the length is customized according to your own situation, and it is recommended that the length of the pole should not exceed 3.5 meters.

Pulling is not smooth. Open rails generally use hanging loops to link curtains, and the hanging loops have a large friction with the shaft, and the smoothness is not enough.

Light and wind leakage. There are gaps in the folds at the top of the curtains, which leak light and wind on a sunny day.

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The dark track is mainly made of pulleys , which are usually hidden in a curtain box, because it is really unsightly when exposed.

The materials are mainly aluminum alloy and nano materials.

Aluminum alloy slide rails are generally oxidized, not easy to oxidize and fracture, and have a long service life.

The nano material is actually a kind of advanced plastic, with low cost and light texture, and the service life is not as good as aluminum alloy.


Changeable in shape. The slide rail has a certain degree of curvature, which can adapt to some special-shaped windows, such as windows with corners.

Glides smoothly. The biggest advantage of the slide rail is that the pulleys are smooth, and the curtains can be opened and closed easily and effortlessly.


Not easy to disassemble. The pulley is small and is covered by a curtain box, making it particularly inconvenient to pick and hang the curtain.

Inconvenient to clean. There are many gaps in the slide rail, which is easy to hide dust and inconvenient to wipe.

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The texture is selected according to the space

Why did I say " texture " instead of "fabric", because the question of "choice of curtain fabric" is actually a false proposition.

Most fabric curtains you can buy are actually polyester.

Whether it is selected in the market or searched on Taobao, the raw materials of the so-called flax, cotton and linen are basically polyester or polyester blends.

Pure cotton and pure linen are easy to wrinkle and shrink, and have a bad drape. Therefore, the preferred fabric for curtains must be polyester or polyester blends.

So instead of thinking about "which fabric do I choose", it is better to consider " which texture do I like ".

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In addition to the style and personal preferences of the home, the first consideration is the space factor.

Shuffled around style and style, all texture of the curtains can be divided into "blackout" and "shading" two.

Living room, dining room, study room should choose "shadow" curtains , like linen, yarn and silk.

With the curtains closed, there is no indoor situation in the opposite building, which protects privacy. At the same time, light can also penetrate, so that the interior is not too dark.

For the bedroom, you must choose "shading".

It is best to be able to "reach out your fingers" during the day so that you can sleep well.

Blinds are recommended for bathrooms and kitchens, which are waterproof, moisture-resistant and easy to clean.

Some people like to install curtains in the bathroom to create a sense of romance.

But be careful not to be too long, otherwise the gauze curtain will be mopped and stained, and the white gauze will turn black in minutes.

â–² Unless the toilet is well separated from wet and dry, and the water does not flow to the gauze, it will soon become dirty

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Should I wash the curtains?

In household cleaning, curtains are the easiest place to be overlooked. In some homes, curtains have not been taken off and washed after being hung.

Of course, curtains do not need to be cleaned and replaced as often as bed sheets and quilts. Washing too much will affect the drape, beauty, texture, warmth and shading of the curtains and reduce the service life , but it is definitely not necessary to clean!

There are also families (such as my home) who take off the curtains and clean them thoroughly during the annual cleaning at the end of the year, but no matter what kind of curtains are thrown in the washing machine, the curtains are old and wrinkled within a few years, and they are particularly unsightly.

The curtain is closest to the window, and it is also the place where it can absorb ashes most. Although it is not necessary to clean it frequently, it is indispensable for daily dust removal.

Usually you can use a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner to remove dust.

It is better if it is a steam cleaner, which can remove bacteria while removing dust.

If you don’t have a steam cleaner, you can use a steam iron instead. The high-temperature steam removes dust and sterilizes while also ironing the wrinkles of the curtains.

There is no need for frequent cleaning, nor is it completely unnecessary to clean thoroughly.

Generally speaking, the long fluff is cleaned once a year, and the ordinary one is cleaned once every two years.

Specifically, curtains of different textures have different washing methods.

Ordinary fabrics can be washed directly in the washing machine, and they can be hung to dry after being dried, instead of hanging to dry separately.

Remember not to dry it in a dryer for fast drying. This will reduce the drape of the curtains and affect the appearance.

Be sure to spin dry to the extent that no water drips, then hang it directly and pull it apart, using the weight to maintain a sense of drape.

Static flocking fabric curtains are not easy to get dirty, and generally do not need to be cleaned frequently.

But be careful when cleaning, just use a cotton cloth dipped in alcohol and gasoline to wipe gently , if it is wet, you can't twist it too hard to prevent the fluff from falling off and affecting the appearance.

You can press out the water with your hands, or let it dry naturally, so as to maintain the original appearance of the flocking.

The hot velvet curtains are thick, delicate and high-end, but they are also easily deformed.

Can be washed but not dried . It is best to press and wash with your hands in water, lay it flat on a hanger after washing, and dry it thoroughly before hanging it up.

As for blinds and roller curtains, just wipe them with a damp cloth.

If there are too many stains, wipe it with a damp cloth and soapy water, and then wipe off the water stains.

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