Three screw pump features and advantages of performance

December 29, 2018

Three-screw pumps can be used in different industries, where they can play an important role and performance in the industry can fully demonstrate the good performance advantages in the industrial performance play an important role and contribution. Below from the characteristics, trapped oil and measures such as imbalance to tell you about the three screw pump. 1, Features: 1) The uniform flow of three-screw pump is proportional to the number of teeth, and proportional to the square of the modulus. Small size, light weight, simple structure, easy to manufacture, low price, reliable work, good self-priming performance, insensitive to oil contamination, convenient maintenance and so on. 2) The flow of three-screw pump is proportional to tooth width, but the increase of tooth width is limited by the increased hydraulic radial force of gears. Generally, tooth width B = (6 ~ 10) m and small value when high pressure. In addition, the volumetric pump, the three screw pump flow pulsation maximum. 3) The speed of rotation can improve the flow of the pump, but it is limited by the pumping function. Gear pump speed is generally 1000 ~ 1500r / min. 2, three screw pump pressure compensation End gap automatic compensation principle: the use of special access to the three screw pump pressure oil pressure chamber led to the outer side of the floating sleeve, the role of a certain shape and size of the area, resulting in hydraulic Force, so that the sleeve pressed to the gear end face, the force must be greater than the role of gear inside the role of the inner sleeve, in order to ensure that under a variety of pressures, the sleeve is always close to the gear surface automatically reduce the three screw pump through the end face The leakage, to achieve the purpose of improving pressure. The disadvantage is: large flow and pressure pulsation, noise, displacement and other variables. 3. Three screw pump trapped oil phenomenon and the phenomenon of unloading trapped oil hazards: the dead volume in the sharp increase in pressure, the bearing subjected to a large additional load, while generating power loss and liquid fever and other adverse phenomena; dissolution The air in the liquid will analyze the production of gas bubbles, gas anger phenomenon, causing vibration and noise. Eliminate the phenomenon of oil trapped: in the three screw pump on the side plate or floating sleeve to open the trough. Asymmetrical, it is necessary to ensure that the suction and pressure chambers can not be brought into direct contact with each other at all times; such gear pumps can not be reversed. Three screw pump in use, pay attention to the different forms of features and performance, often in use, different problems and reactions, in use to ensure the normal use of problems promptly solve the different aspects of control, in accordance with the normal way get on.

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