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December 29, 2018

Mr. Liu, the citizen, questioned the newly purchased anti-theft door: “I feel that the door is very light when installed. How do you think that the steel plate is too thin. Can such a door prevent theft?” In response, the author interviewed the National Building Materials Inspection Center (Nanjing). Xue Tao, the inspector, worked for consumers.

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Buy security door april "identity"

To check whether a door is a security door or an ordinary metal door, first check the three identification marks. One is a qualified certificate. The real anti-theft door must pass the statutory testing agency to pass the standard test, and there is a production security permit issued by the security technical protection department of the provincial public security bureau (bureau) where the production enterprise is located. Therefore, when consumers purchase, they should first require the seller to present the inspection report of the relevant department. The second is the "FAM" nameplate. The current "General Technical Conditions for Anti-theft Security Doors" stipulates that the anti-theft door must have a "FAM" nameplate, generally at the top right of the door, in addition to the company name, implementation standards, etc. The third is the security level flag. According to the national standards that were implemented on April 1, 2008, the security doors are divided into four security levels A, B, C, and D according to four types of indicators, including the time to prevent damage, the thickness of steel plates, and the number of lock points. "J, Y, B, D") The highest level of anti-theft performance is Class A, and the lowest is Class D. Citizens can view permanently fixed security levels in the upper corner of the hinge on the inner side of the door. Without these marks, it is not a real security door.

Do not superstition security level

According to Xue Tao, the main differences between the four security levels of anti-theft doors A, B, C, and D are the time to prevent damage and the thickness of the steel plate. Anti-destruction time A grade ≥ 30 minutes, grade B ≥ 15 minutes, grade C ≥ 10 minutes, D grade ≥ 6 minutes; plate thickness, grade A is generally based on the contract, grade 2 is 2 mm, grade C is 1.8 mm , D is 1.5 mm. Class B and Class C security doors are generally suitable for general household use. Consumers can choose according to their own needs. Do not blindly superstition levels.

Examine "Inheritance and Value"

The public should also check the relevant craftsmanship. Xue Tao introduced the following two aspects: First, the locks are firm: Qualified security doors generally use three-position locks or five-position locks. Not only are the locks locked, but the upper and lower crossbars can be inserted and locked. Fix it. Most doors are also embedded with rubber seals on the door frame; Second, the quality of the process: special attention should be paid to checking for welding defects. See if the cooperation of the door leaf and the door frame is dense, whether the gap is uniform, whether the opening is flexible, and whether all joints are dense.

Security door materials are also stipulated, so the price is also very different from general security doors and metal doors. It is understood that a brand of security doors, the general price of 1200 yuan, while the price of an ordinary metal door can be as low as three or four hundred dollars. Consumers also need to consider the brand factor, it is best to go to the formal large-scale home building materials city to buy, and must sign a contract, indicate the words "security door" on the invoice, to prevent illegal operators will "steel door" As a security door sales.

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