Private enterprise elites gather in Guizhou's economic development and win-win cooperation

December 29, 2018

According to the statistics of the Fifth Executive Committee of the 10th National Federation of Industry and Commerce and the National Private Enterprise to promote the Guizhou Development Conference Organizing Committee: As of December 10, the province's cities and counties have reported a total of 1,205 investment contracted projects, with a total investment amount. It reached 140 million yuan and reached 145% of the target mission. Why are so many private entrepreneurs focusing their investment on Guizhou? Yesterday, our reporter interviewed some of the executive committees and representatives of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce who came to the conference. Qiao Qiusheng, Chairman of Henan Huanghe Industrial Group Co., Ltd.: Invested in Guizhou Dayou, the chairman of Henan Huanghe Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Qiao Qiusheng went to Guizhou for the third time. Just arrived at the hotel, Qiao Qiusheng praised the changes in Guiyang: "Guiyang has changed too much. Clean and tidy streets, warm and courteous staff, left a good impression on me." Henan Huanghe Industrial Group Co., Ltd. Founded in 1979, after more than 30 years of development, the company has developed into a large enterprise integrating scientific research, production and trade. It has a number of core key technologies and independent intellectual property rights, and some of its products have reached the international advanced level and are national high-tech enterprises. The leading products are superhard materials and superhard materials. At present, the company has become one of the world's largest production bases of superhard materials, leading domestic superhard materials and products industry. "As far as I know, Guizhou's increasingly prosperous economic environment has not only attracted more and more merchants to invest in the industry. During the '12th Five-Year Plan' period, Guizhou implemented a strong industrial province and urbanization strategy, which undoubtedly made for private entrepreneurs. Large and strong enterprises have opened up a vast space.” Guizhou's rich mineral resources are interested in Qiao Qiusheng: “Our company has set up a sales company in Guizhou. On this trip, I will also investigate the investment environment and industrial development in Guizhou. It is not impossible to settle in Guizhou.” Qiao Qiusheng believes that the promotion of industrial strong provinces and urbanization will lead to a wave of rapid development of infrastructure construction, resource development, commercial trade, logistics and transportation, social services and personnel training in Guizhou. Entrepreneurs should focus on these industries and invest in Guizhou. Zhang Jindong, vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and chairman of Suning Appliance Group: Opened 80 chain stores in Guizhou by 2020. On December 20th, he participated in the five-time executive committee of the 10th National Federation of Industry and Commerce and the national private enterprises to promote the development of Guizhou. At the conference, the reporter interviewed Zhang Jindong, vice chairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce and chairman of Suning Appliance Group. “Guizhou is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau. It is an inland mountain province with beautiful mountains and rivers, pleasant climate, abundant resources and numerous ethnic groups. Since the reform and opening up, the province's comprehensive strength, residents' income, economic internationalization level and social wealth have been greatly improved. Zhang Jindong said that as one of the main driving forces of economic growth, Guizhou has always attached great importance to investment and development. Under the guidance of the scientific development concept, it has taken many measures to support and promote the investment in infrastructure investment in the whole society. Investment has been continuously strengthened and the investment structure has been continuously optimized. Zhang Jindong believes that huge investment has laid a good foundation for Guizhou's investment environment. While government investment is dominant, it also needs the active participation of social capital, which provides huge investment opportunities for various related companies in the next few years. “Suning Appliance has entered the Guizhou market for 6 years and has always maintained a fast and steady development pace.” Zhang Jindong said that while based on the development of Guiyang’s primary market, Simultaneously develop secondary markets such as Zunyi, Bijie, Liupanshui, Anshun, Duyun and Xingyi. The development layout of the city's core business district to establish a network covering all of Guizhou. It is reported that on December 3, when Zhang Jindong and his entourage went to Guizhou for investment investigation, they conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges with the provincial government, and they were full of confidence in the leap-forward development of Guizhou's “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and signed the first phase of Guizhou's strategic investment plan. The modern logistics base and the modern commercial complex of Suning Plaza in 9 cities (states and prefectures) have laid a grand blueprint for Suning's next high-speed development in Guizhou. Zhang Jindong said that by 2020, Suning Appliance plans to implement 80 electrical chain stores in Guizhou, with an estimated sales volume of 4 billion yuan. Among them, there are 25 electrical chain stores in Guiyang, with an estimated sales volume of 2 billion yuan. At the same time, in the core business districts of other major cities, it is planned to invest in the construction and construction of 3 Suning Plaza and 9 Suning Appliance Plaza projects, and build 3 large shopping malls and 2 high-star hotels. At present, Suning Appliance has delisted to obtain the Jinyang Logistics Park site, and will be planned as a multi-functional regional headquarters base integrating purchasing and settlement, e-commerce, logistics and customer service, and realize the integrated management of regional unified procurement, sales and settlement. . Zhang Jindong said that Suning's investment plan will play a positive role in promoting the harmonious development of Guizhou's economy and society, achieving a win-win situation and win-win results. Li Yuzhen, Party Secretary and Vice Chairman of Yunnan Lifan Junma Vehicle Co., Ltd.: “Bijie Speed” proves that Guizhou is completely correct. “If you have to compare, Guizhou may not be good from investing in hardware. But from investment software, Guizhou is using actual actions to prove that it can do its best," said Li Yuxi, who has an investment project in Bijie, Guizhou. Just before the project to build the largest truck manufacturing base in Southwest China, Li Yuzhen said that Lifan and Shanxi and Beihai had talked about the cooperation of the project. “Although Guizhou’s investment conditions are not as good as those of these places, it has the conditions for leapfrogging development from a relatively backward development area. Now, Lifan’s choice of Guizhou and the choice of Bijie is a completely correct choice.” The “right choice” is attributed to the local government’s “nanny-style” service and strong support for corporate development. A car project, from landing, to construction to production, Lifan created "Bijie speed." And this "speed" is, to a certain extent, closely related to the local government services. From the project landing to encounter policy obstacles, funding bottlenecks, the local government is not the whole decision-making team to coordinate for the enterprise to solve problems. Li Yuxi said that this kind of government "one-on-one" is a project, and the support for the development of a private enterprise has never been seen. "The reason why the project is landing fast, building fast, and putting into production is that the government is 'pushing' and 'forced'." Li Yuxi said that looking at the government's attitude toward the company, it can predict the development of the company here. prospect. When the government knows how to combine the strong desire for local development with the desire of enterprises to become bigger and stronger, a win-win situation will be formed: the growth of enterprises and the growth of local economy. To be bigger and stronger, private enterprises must understand that they must rely on the government and face the market. They must be good at making full use of the various resources of the government. For those who are looking to invest in Guizhou, we must see that with the implementation of the strategy of strong industrial provinces, the concept of supporting local enterprises at all levels in Guizhou is changing and the strength of serving enterprises is strengthening. These are exactly what investors should see. "Guizhou advantage." Peng Jiqiu, vice chairman of the Changsha CPPCC and chairman of the Changsha City Federation of Industry and Commerce: Xiangxi and the industry complement each other's business opportunities. “Hunan Guizhou is closely linked, and the Yi and Miao nationalities are inseparable!” In an interview with the reporter, Vice Chairman of the Changsha CPPCC and Chairman of the Changsha Municipal Federation of Industry and Commerce Peng Jiqiu Happily opened the words. Peng Jiqiu said that the two provinces of Hunan and Jiangxi have the same veins, the same water and the same people, and the economic and social development is highly compatible and complementary. In particular, the implementation of the strategy of the rise of Central China and the new round of the strategy of developing the western region have opened up new opportunities for expanding and deepening cooperation between Hunan and Jiangxi. The economic integration between the two places is getting higher and higher. “Guizhou has developed strongly in recent years and has good development prospects. Hunan enterprises are also concerned that Guizhou is creating a market environment of heavy business, pro-business, business and business. Many companies have the willingness to invest in Guizhou. At the Executive Committee meeting, 16 well-known entrepreneurs from Hunan participated in the conference. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, Sany Heavy Industry Group, the first private enterprise in Hunan Province that has sold over 10 billion yuan, has taken advantage of the business opportunities brought about by the continuous increase of infrastructure construction in Guizhou. Guizhou is developing as a key regional market.” Peng Jiqiu introduced that since the country implemented the strategy of developing the western region, many Hunan capitals have invested in the development and construction of Guizhou, and have achieved extensive economic and social benefits. According to statistics, there are more than 600,000 Hunan nationals in the business, and nearly 200,000 industrial and commercial registered households. The cumulative investment in the country is nearly 70 billion. "Promoting the economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between Hunan and Jiangxi, played a very important role in the Hunan Chamber of Commerce and the Chamber of Commerce in Hunan." In the 7 years since the establishment of the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Sinai County, the county has introduced and contacted merchants to visit more than 100 times. Successfully introduced more than 50 enterprises to settle down. The first phase of the “Hunan Chamber of Commerce Industrial Park” construction project with a total investment of 1.2 billion has started this year and will be completed in May next year. After the project is put into production, the annual output value can reach more than 300 million yuan. More than 1,000 new jobs have been created in the local area; the second phase has also been signed, including stainless steel water tower production, energy-saving lighting factory, lighter production, paint factory, sofa processing, energy-saving stove production and other projects. Peng Jiqiu said that the Changsha City Federation of Industry and Commerce will give full play to the role of bridges, actively serve private enterprises in Hunan and Jiangxi provinces, jointly promote economic cooperation and industrial complementarity between the two provinces, establish a strong and effective cooperation mechanism, and strengthen energy, non-ferrous metals, tourism, and Wuling mountains. Deep cooperation in various aspects such as poverty alleviation and development. Chen Guangbiao, Chairman of Jiangsu Huangpu Renewable Resources Utilization Co., Ltd.: The best opportunity for Guizhou to take off has already arrived. “From now on, the economic development of Guizhou has begun to take off. The best opportunity has come.” This is the first time that Chen cursor has seen the reporter. In a word. Chen Guangbiao, who is known as the "China's first good", went to Guizhou this time and still has no empty hands. In addition to the purchase of 1,500 eco-friendly bicycles donated to Guiyang City, it plans to drive the world's advanced construction waste disposer into Guizhou to create a model project for the use of renewable resources. Chen Guangbiao believes that the provincial government of Guizhou Province has a long-term vision and made the national private enterprise conference held locally. This move will undoubtedly attract a large number of domestic strength enterprises to come to invest and inspect, which will greatly help the rise of the province's industry. Opportunity, the investment vision is in Guizhou, is the most sensible choice at present." For the development of Guizhou enterprises, Chen cursor's suggestion is to learn more and suffer more. He said that local enterprises are first confident in the road ahead, and they are more likely to communicate with the outside world, learn from experience, and even emulate the Huizhou Camel spirit. Even in the environment of lack of water and food, they must be persevering. Without the difficulties that can't be overcome, the company can be done well. Because he has also experienced the hardships of starting a business, Chen cursor said that he will do his best to help Guizhou private enterprises: "I hope that small and medium-sized enterprises will go out and attract investment. If you go to our Jiangsu site, I can pack and pack, and be responsible for convening enterprises. In one step, I also intend to invite more entrepreneurs at home and abroad to visit Guizhou.” “Where to go, where to do good” is also the action that Chen cursor never forgets. He promised that if he invests in Guizhou, he will make half of the profit donation. To Guizhou social welfare undertakings. Han Wei, member of the Standing Committee of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of Dalian Hanwei Enterprise Group: Looking forward to investing in the Guizhou Agricultural Industry Project at noon on December 20, the first floor lobby of Guiyang Century Golden Resources Hotel, Han Wei, Chairman of Dalian Hanwei Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. Interview. "This time I went to Guizhou and felt that there has been a lot of changes in Guizhou, so that we have full confidence in investing in Guizhou." Han Wei said that as early as 32 years ago, when he first came to Guizhou, he felt that Guizhou had a relatively weak economic foundation and investment environment. Can't keep up. Today, the fast-growing Guizhou has made the famous national CEOs look impressive. Han Wei said that before participating in the Fifth Executive Committee of the 10th National Federation of Industry and Commerce and the National Private Enterprise to promote the Guizhou Development Conference, the company has long received notice of participation and timely understanding of the current development status of Guizhou through various channels. “The Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government have proposed a strategy of industrial strong provinces and urbanization to drive the strategy, especially to promote the development of the private economy to create a superior development environment, which attracts people’s attention and also draws our great attention. Investing in Guizhou is very much looking forward to it.” Han Wei said that he must use the conference to go around Guizhou and take a look at it to seek business opportunities. In the interview, the reporter learned that Dalian Hanwei Enterprise Group Co., Ltd. has made great efforts to make progress, innovation and innovation. After nearly 30 years of development, it has become a large-scale enterprise group with animal husbandry, marine ecological industry and egg powder deep processing industry as the pillars. Now it has the largest modern egg laying enterprise in the country, the world's largest abalone breeding enterprise, Hailongyu, marine bio-health products company and Asia's largest deep processing enterprise of egg powder. The products are sold well in more than 100 large and medium-sized cities nationwide and exported to Japan and Hong Kong. , Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. "This conference is held in Guizhou, which is a rare opportunity to promote the development of Guizhou." Han Wei believes that Guizhou is a large agricultural province. In the new round of western development, the development of the economy, especially the development of the agricultural economy, appears Especially important, Hanwei Enterprise Group expects to invest in Guizhou and develop Guizhou in agricultural industry projects. Guo Lishuang, Chairman of Dongfang Meiya Investment Co., Ltd.: Guizhou's next key investment area on December 20, Guo Lishuang, chairman of Dongfang Meiya Investment Co., Ltd., who just arrived in Guiyang and stepped into Century Jinyuan Hotel, said in an interview: Next, Guizhou will It is one of the areas that investors focus on. The second time came to Guizhou's Guo Li two-way reporter to describe the Guizhou she saw: From the airport to the hotel, you can see the high-rise buildings being built everywhere. It can be said that Guizhou's economic development is in a period of vigorous development. As the most direct barometer of local economic development, real estate can see the heat of local economic development at a glance. Guizhou, obviously, has shown a thriving life in this regard. Guo Lishuang believes that the development of first-tier cities in China is already very strong, and many industries are maturing and the market is saturated. Most investors turn their attention to second- and third-tier cities and remote cities, which mean greater business opportunities. Guo Lishuang said that this time, the five executive committees of the 10th National Federation of Industry and Commerce held a good bridge in Guizhou, providing an opportunity for entrepreneurs to broaden their horizons and investigate investment. It is understood that there are also private enterprises in the country to promote the Guizhou Development Conference. It should be said that Guizhou is also an excellent opportunity for exhibitions and investment opportunities. Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, China's private economy has achieved tremendous development, made significant contributions to economic and social development, and has become an increasingly important force in social development. Guo Lishuang said that the current development environment in the country is very good, and the private economy has a broader development. Compared with other parts of the country, Guizhou's private economy should have more room for development. Guo Lishuang said that through this Guizhou trip, deepen the understanding of Guizhou, as a diversified industrial company integrating investment, real estate development, architectural decoration, property management, catering services, film and television culture, Oriental Meiya Investment Co., Ltd. Will focus on Guizhou, looking for suitable investment opportunities.

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