Analyze the advantages and development of the listing of China's hardware companies

December 29, 2018

China's hardware companies have few brands and scales, and most of them are still small and medium-sized enterprises. Well-established leading companies have already been listed. For example, the first listed Hong Kong-based hardware company, such as Jiangsu Hongbao, has just listed in Shenzhen. The question that the author throws out to be listed is not to say that those leading companies but to ask whether SMEs have this idea? Is it a bit early to talk about listing? In actual fact, although it is impossible to get to the city now, it can be more than a struggle for this goal. It's better than doing simple processing every day or repeating low technical content. When the market goes big, it can magnify the Chinese hardware industry. When it goes down, there are many benefits to the company from listing:

There are many benefits for the listed company. 1 The initial public offering of the company can raise a large amount of funds, and there are opportunities after the listing, which provides a source of funding for the company's progress and development.

2 It can promote the establishment of a standardized business management mechanism, improve corporate governance structure, and continuously improve the quality of operations.

3 The stock market must meet more stringent listing standards and be reviewed by regulatory agencies. The ability of the company to be listed is a strong testimony to the profitability of the management development prospects of the company.

4 The stock trading information was continuously released to the society through various media such as newspapers and television stations, which expanded the company’s popularity, improved the company’s market position and influence, helped the company establish a product brand image, and won the trust of customers and suppliers.

5 The use of stock options, etc. to achieve effective incentives for employees and management can help the company attract talented people and inspire employees' enthusiasm for work, thus enhancing the company's development potential and staying power.

6 The circulation of shares in the stock market has expanded the shareholder base, resulting in higher trading liquidity in the stocks, and the free trading of stocks will enable shareholders to more easily cash in their investment capital under certain conditions.

7 The company's acquisition of a listing position will help improve its credit status, enhance the financial institutions' confidence in the company, and facilitate the company's banking credit business.

8 Raise capital through the listing ** to enable the company to develop quickly and soundly, and use advanced management systems to seek opportunities for regular development, and to solve problems with existing solutions to problems such as making bigger and stronger.

However, the company's listing is not only good but not bad. Therefore, before the company plans to go public, it must analyze the advantages and disadvantages of listing, seriously consider whether to go public, and whether the listing is in line with the company's development plan.

Corporate listing weaknesses:

1 Information Disclosure Opens Financial Position 2 Equity Dilution, Reduces Controlling Rights 3 Senior Managers Will Take More Responsibilities 4 Companies Face Rigorous Review 5 Listing Costs and Costs are High 6 Frequently Shareholders Lose Proves Therefore, in Mature Markets, Not All Companies all want to become listed companies because listed companies are subject to stricter supervision and higher costs. Therefore, the pre-listing selection counseling is particularly important!

Is it going to be listed? To sum up, Stanley Hardware has been a hundred years old as the US Standard & Poor's. Now it is known as the king of hardware, where is it popular? Bigger and stronger, the brand has, profits have, fame and fortune, why not?

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