Titanium valve features and applications

December 30, 2018

Titanium valve is a highly chemical activity of the metal valve. However, it exhibits exceptionally good corrosion resistance to many corrosive media. The reason is titanium and oxygen have good affinity, easy to react with oxygen to generate a layer of solid and dense on the surface of the blunt oxide film. In many harsh corrosive service media, the oxide film on the titanium ball valve is very stable and difficult to dissolve. Even if it is damaged, it can be repaired by itself and quickly regenerated as long as there is enough oxygen. Titanium and titanium alloy is a new and promising metal material. Titanium has the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, pressure resistance and other prominent advantages, titanium valves are widely used in aviation, space development, marine engineering, petroleum, chemical, light industry, food processing, metallurgy, Instrumentation and other sectors. Imported titanium ball valve also has excellent resistance to seawater corrosion, seawater scouring performance, which became a ship with seawater corrosive materials in a "new star", in ships, coastal power plants, desalination has also been widely used. Titanium valve because of its cost-effective, resistant to erosion of a variety of corrosive media in civil corrosion-resistant industrial pipelines, stainless steel, copper or alloy steel to solve the corrosion problem is difficult to solve. With safety, reliability, long life and other advantages. Titanium valves are widely used in chlor-alkali industry, soda ash industry, pharmaceutical industry, fertilizer industry, fine chemical industry, textile fiber synthesis and bleaching and dyeing industry, basic organic acid and inorganic salt production in PN1.6-15.0Mpa, Class150-900Lb pressure range, Industry and so on. Titanium ball valve corrosion resistance characteristics and applications: Titanium ball valve in the atmosphere, fresh water, sea water, high temperature steam, almost no corrosion; Titanium ball valve and titanium valve in alkaline medium is very corrosion resistant; Titanium ball valve in the chloride resistance (CI) Ability is very strong, with excellent corrosion resistance to chloride ions; titanium valve in aqua regia, sodium hypochlorite. Chlorine water, wet chlorine and other media have good corrosion resistance; corrosion resistance of titanium valve in organic acids depending on the size of the reduction or oxidation of acid; Titanium ball valve in reducing acid corrosion resistance, Depending on whether the media corrosion inhibitor may be; titanium ball valve light weight, high mechanical strength, widely used in aviation, military field.

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