Hearing bad luck, bad people hurt bad Feng Shui

December 31, 2018

Some houses are refreshing when they walk in. Some houses have the first impression of repressing their discomfort. This is related to the layout of houses, layout, decoration and feng shui. When we purchase new homes, especially those that have already been renovated, we must pay attention to the following 18 types of bedroom home renovations. Otherwise, living uncomfortable and small, affecting physical health and fortune is bad.

First, the toilet into a bedroom

The overall construction of the modern building pipelines, so the entire building toilets are located in the same place. If the toilet is changed to a bedroom, it will inevitably cause sleeping in the toilets on the upper floor and the lower floor. The toilet is a damp, unclean place. It is bound to affect the environmental hygiene. Starting on the toilet and water pipes will definitely affect your peace, so it will hurt people's physical and mental health.

Second, the bedroom is dark

Bedrooms should have windows. In addition to the circulation of air, daylight can be used to make people more happy. In the evening, windows should be equipped with curtains to block outdoor light and make it easier for people to sleep.

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