Pneumatic High Temperature Ball Valve Structure and Function Principle

January 16, 2019

Pneumatic high temperature ball valve overview: Pneumatic high temperature ball valve is a new type of sealing material for the valve seat, PTFE seals made of similar products, the service life of 3-5 times. With the advantages of stable performance, reliable sealing, small friction, light weight, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life, the high temperature ball valve matches the length of the globe valve, plunger valve and drain valve. Ball valve use, widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, paper, pharmaceutical and other industries, can replace the globe valve, plunger valve, quick drain valve. Applicable medium: water, steam, heat conducting oil and other acids, temperature: ≤300 ℃ Structural characteristics of pneumatic high temperature ball valve and the role of the principle: 1, the type of valve in the sphere, ring using a special processing technology and the latest sealing materials , So that the ball surface roughness and roundness to meet the standard requirements, thereby enhancing the sealing performance and service life, high temperature capability. 2, clockwise when the handle plate driven by the stem-driven ball rotation, so that the smooth passage of media.

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