The central and eastern regions are sunny and timely, and Xinjiang should be protected against rain and snow.

January 17, 2019

According to the Central Meteorological Observatory, in the next three days, the weather in most parts of central and eastern China will be fine and the temperature will rise significantly. The highest temperatures in Jianghuai, Jiangnan and South China will rise to 22-27 °C; the highest temperatures in the central and southern parts of Huanghuai and North China will also rise to 20. ~ 22 ° C. From 25 to 27, there will be small to moderate rain (5-20 mm) in central and southern Sichuan, eastern Yunnan, and central and western Guizhou. On the 27th, cold air began to affect northern Xinjiang, which will bring 4-6 °C cooling to the northern part of Xinjiang. The cooling rate in some areas can reach 8-10 °C, accompanied by northerly winds of 4-6, and the wind power in the mountain pass Up to 7-8, there will be light rain (snow) or sleet in most parts of northern Xinjiang.
In the next 24 hours, the specific forecast is from 14:00 to 20:00, there are light snow or sleet in parts of central Sichuan Plateau; some areas in eastern Tibet, eastern Sichuan Plateau, northwest Yunnan and eastern areas have light rain or showers.
From 14:00 to 14:00 tomorrow, there are light snow or sleet in parts of southwestern Xinjiang, western Tibet, central Sichuan Plateau, etc.; southeastern Tibet, central Sichuan, northwestern and eastern Yunnan, most of Guizhou, eastern Taiwan, etc. Some areas of the land have light rain or showers, and local rains; there are 4 to 5 winds in eastern Inner Mongolia. There are 6 to 7 northeast winds in the Taiwan Strait and the northeastern part of the South China Sea.
Agricultural production advice:
1. The weather is getting better. The northern wheat area should strengthen the field tube, and the south will catch the early rice and dry land crops.
2. The northern part of Xinjiang is affected by cold air. Agricultural production needs to pay attention to preventing frost damage and strive to mitigate adverse effects. Do a good job in cold and warmth, and deal with the adverse effects that cold air may have on crop growth.

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