The quality of wooden doors is mixed

January 17, 2019

 The quality of wooden doors is mixed.

One of the tricks: brand fraud

When it comes to the specific issues of the wooden door industry, the industry first pointed out that there is currently a widespread and repeatedly banned brand fraud. Due to the quality problems of national inspection-exempt products that have occurred in the food industry in recent years, "China Famous Brand," "China Famous Brand," and "National Inspection-free Products" have all been canceled. However, many businesses are still using these names as gimmicks. And more is the name of the "Brand 500" "Ten doors of the top ten brands" ... ... There are only a few units united themselves to their own, while others are out of money to buy a name back.

In this regard, the industry insiders sighed in an interview: "There is too much false water. The small wooden door factory, its capacity value does not exceed 50 million yuan, a billion not to, it actually became a Chinese brand 500 How many Chinese wooden door brands are there in China? It is the top 500? These are false propaganda on the brand. If consumers don't understand it, they will be fooled.” When it comes to the root cause of brand fraud, industry sources stated that There are too many companies in the wooden door industry have not recognized the value of the brand. They do not know that the brand represents the quality of the product, the service of the brand, and the integrity of the company. As a result, there are such phenomena of brand fraud.

Two of the tricky: endorsement artificial fake

Finding an image spokesperson seems to be a common feature of home-based businesses, and even because there are too many situations in the industry to find spokespersons, some of the spokespersons who appear to be looking for have been used by others and cannot find suitable spokespersons and do not know who to look for. Case. In the current domestic wooden door industry, the spokesperson for different brands is estimated to have exceeded one hundred. This industry insiders pointed out that although the image of the wooden door industry spokesperson looks a lot, but in fact there are many image spokesperson himself did not know there is such a brand, there is such a brand is his endorsement, there are many even just directly to the enterprise The agent paid for the right to use the photo.

However, when consumers see a brand advertisement, they often think that it is a true endorsement. They have chosen the wooden door of the brand for their favorite or trust in the star, and eventually discovered the quality problem, resulting in a complaint dispute. In this regard, the industry said that the country has introduced policies, spokespersons must be responsible for the endorsement of the brand, there are problems, spokesmen also bear the joint responsibility of false propaganda, hope that this move can reduce, eliminate the occurrence of this phenomenon.

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