Industrial agglomeration and integration gradually become a new strategy for the development of China's rubber industry

January 19, 2019

Affected by the sharp fluctuations in rubber prices, China's tire and other rubber products companies experienced higher production and operating costs and increased inventory risks in 2011. The industry is facing severe challenges. China's rubber industry is still not strong, ecologically fragile, and future development strategies. attract attention. This also accelerated the pace of the Chinese rubber industry's transformation from a 'big rubber country' to a 'strong rubber country'. One year after its core area was built and started, on the 20th, the demonstration base for the production, research and development of the chemical rubber industry officially opened in Qingdao, marking the The transformation and development of China's rubber industry has taken an important step.

The “12th Five-Year Development Planning Guideline for China Rubber Industry” has pointed out that in the next five years, backward production capacity should be eliminated, low-level redundant construction should be prohibited, industrial access mechanisms should be established, and the industrial concentration target should be raised. High-tech content, independent innovation and development goals of specialty products. Therefore, building rubber industry gathering areas, aggregating industries and research and technological resources, and accelerating the construction of independent well-known brands have become one of the important strategies for the rubber industry to crack development challenges during the 12th Five-Year Plan period.

Therefore, in recent years, China's rubber industry has also actively started exploration in this area. In January 2011, the core area of ​​the production, research and demonstration base of the chemical rubber industry signed and contracted by the four parties of China Rubber Industry Association, Qingdao Sifang District People's Government, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, and Soft Control Co., Ltd. was established. The base will be piloted first and explored in practice. It is intended to create a high-end industrial agglomeration area supported by industry associations, governments, universities, scientific research institutions, enterprises, and intermediary service agencies. In addition, the base was included in the development plan of the “12th Five-Year Plan” of the China Rubber Industry Association, the blue economy development plan of the Shandong Peninsula, and the key projects of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” of Qingdao City, among which the hope of being placed is evident.

According to the relevant person in charge of the demonstration base, the base created 'three characteristics, six functions, and five centers' in order to build a '365' operating philosophy. He explained that the so-called three major characteristics refer to the platforms for scientific research, talents, and information, the perfect intermediary service system, the development model of the industry's ecosystem, and the realization of low-cost and high-efficiency operation of the industrial chain; the six major functions refer to research education, and mediation. Finance, entrepreneurship incubation, cultural expo, convention and exhibition business and information platform form a chemical and rubber industry eco-sphere where trade, technology, talents, information, culture and services are highly concentrated. The five centers refer to the global chemical rubber product trading center, research and technology center, Exhibition and Culture Expo Center, Talent Exchange Training Center and Information Center.

' Gradually constitute its core position as a high-end industrial agglomeration area, form a 365-day uninterrupted industry event, and create a free business site in the chemical rubber industry with production, education and research as the core. 'The person in charge said.

According to briefings, over the past year, the phased construction of the production, research and demonstration demonstration bases in the chemical rubber industry has made important progress. The first-phase project construction has basically been completed, and international trading centers, business incubation centers, and personnel training centers have been completed and put into use.

According to the needs of strategic development, it has also successfully established independent subsidiaries such as intellectual property information center, cultural communication, productivity promotion center. He disclosed.

Of course, the success of the construction of industrial agglomerations depends not only on the availability of hardware facilities, but also on whether they can attract companies and research institutions that are core elements.

It is reported that the demonstration base has successively been with the National Intellectual Property Publishing House, the China Petrochemical Federation, the China Rubber Industry Association, the China Institute of Rubber Science, the world’s rubber capital Akron City, China Venture Capital Research Institute, and Qingdao Bonded Port Area. The signing of a joint strategic cooperation agreement has laid a solid foundation for the long-term sustainable development of the base.

At the same time, more than 100 industry-name enterprises and institutions such as Germany's LANXESS, Sinochem International, soft-control shares, and well-known domestic commercial banks are now entering in succession. This has also led to the initial formation of a complete industrial eco-chain and the base as a gathering place for chemical rubber industry. The function is also constantly improving.

In response, Li Yongwu, president of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, said at today's opening ceremony that with the construction of the peninsula blue economic zone entering a national strategic orbit, the industry, research, and research demonstration bases of the chemical rubber industry are uniquely endowed by industry. It will become an important pole for blue economic development and an important node for land and sea co-ordination.

More than 1,000 representatives from industry associations, park enterprises, financial institutions and the United States Akron City of the China Rubber Industry Association participated in the activities of the day.

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