Science and technology innovation promotes a new chapter in the development of Sisha Taiyi

January 19, 2019

In recent years, Sisha Taiyi (Group) Grinding Co., Ltd. has focused on the scientific and technological innovation of enterprises under the sound system of scientific and technological innovation incentives and a series of management systems that encourage employees to participate in improvement and innovation activities, so that the company's innovation ability has been Significantly improved. Among them, in the 2011 work, the company obtained ten national patents within one year. Sisha Taiyi (Group) Grinding Co., Ltd. is slogan of “loyal dedication, innovative development” in front of the Qingdao factory. It is understood that 2011 is the “Improvement and Innovation Year” of Sisha Taiyi (Group) Grinding Co., Ltd. A lot of fruitful work has been done around product innovation and technological innovation. Nearly 20 innovations have been achieved, which has promoted the rapid development of production and management. Among them, “Ten Innovations” have obtained patent certificates issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. Sisha Taiyi (Group) Grinding Co., Ltd. participated in the Zhengzhou (International) Abrasives Grinding Exhibition. In the technical innovation management system, the company established the “Innovation Award” and reported the results in a timely manner. The company will reward the employees on a quarterly basis and mobilize employees. The enthusiasm of the work has created a good atmosphere for innovation within the company. In addition, the company actively establishes a cooperation model of production, study and research with well-known domestic universities. For example, it has carried out “production, research and research technology cooperation” with Tianjin University, and transformed some scientific research results of the university into the productivity of our company, further enhancing the company's technological innovation ability. .

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