The fourth lecture of the "Material Frontier" series of the Hegong University was successfully held

January 19, 2019

On the afternoon of March 20th, the fourth lecture of the “Material Frontiers” series was successfully held at the Lotus Street Campus. Prof. Zou Wenjun, Dean of the School of Materials, gave a wonderful report to the students of the School of Materials on the topic of “Processing Technology of Abrasives and Superhard Materials in New Materials Industry”. Dean Zou started from the production practice of major enterprises in the material industry, and elaborated on the processing technology of LED, thermal materials, ceramic materials, crystal, hard alloy and bonding agent in the new material industry. It emphasizes that LED and other materials are closely related to our daily life, and at the same time play an increasingly important role in the new materials industry. Next, he focused on the grinding and polishing technology and its development trend. He said that the grinding and polishing technology is used in electronic products such as computers and mobile phones. The state also attaches great importance to the development and application of high-speed and high-precision grinding and invests a large amount of money to support the development of high-precision, dense, high-speed grinding machines, lathes and milling machines. When talking about the development prospects of grinding technology, Dean Zou said that the diamond used in grinding technology has a tendency to replace silicon carbide. At the same time, high-speed and high-precision grinding wheels have become the development direction of national abrasives. This lecture not only allowed the students to understand the cutting edge abrasive processing technology in the material industry, but also brought enthusiasm for exploring new things to the students, which was highly praised by the students. Everyone said that in the future, they will pay more attention to the frontiers of materials, and combine cutting-edge technology with classroom learning in a timely manner to continuously improve their learning ability.

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