Focus on the county economic high-level forum

January 19, 2019

There are characteristics to have a market characteristic economy is the vitality of county development. Pay attention to the second China High-level Forum on County Economic Development sponsored by CCTV Finance Channel. We know that China’s economic development is very uneven in the region, and one of the main ways to overcome this shortcoming is to develop local economies with regional characteristics. At yesterday's high-level forum on county economics, many county and city officials, county magistrates, and mayors mentioned the issue of improving the vitality of the county economy by developing characteristic industries. In some counties and cities, the characteristic economy has become the main way for local farmers to get rid of poverty, and the key to developing characteristic industries depends on the market of agricultural products. Our reporters also conducted a survey of special agricultural products in Beijing Xinfadi Wholesale Market. Go and have a look.
This is the largest wholesale agricultural product wholesale market in Beijing--Saifa Agricultural Products Wholesale Market. Near the Spring Festival, there is a bustling scene in the market. The reporter noticed that the logos of the featured agricultural products in various places are in a prominent position. In this Shanxi apple sales store, merchant Guo Xin'an said that he is a native of Jixian County, Shanxi Province. Apple is also a local specialty and leading industry. Last year, Apple's sales network was also expanding. Their previous sales network was mainly in Guangzhou. Shenzhen sales, officially established sales outlets in Beijing in December last year. Guo Xinan, an apple merchant in Jixian County, Shanxi, told reporters: Australia and South Korea have our sales, all of which are sold by us. So this year we pushed this apple to Beijing. The reporter learned that local specialty agricultural products such as Shanxi Jixian apples are everywhere in the new market, and the Xinfadi wholesale market has also established Hubei trading halls, Xinjiang Department, Hainan Hall and other special agricultural products trading platforms according to regional characteristics. . Wang Huidong, head of the Hainan Hall of Beijing Xinfadi Wholesale Market, told the reporter: Our Hainan Hall specializes in the fruits and main fruits of Hainan Province, including the pineapple, and dozens of Hainan papayas, the whole fruit of Hainan Island. The product provides a trading platform. Zhang Yuxi, chairman of Beijing Xinfadi Wholesale Market, told reporters that the country's distinctive agricultural products are constantly entering our market. I think this is a win-win situation. I feel the development of this kind of production and promote local farmers. The increase in farmers' income and the efficiency of agriculture have played a very positive role. For the gospel of consumers, the same goes for the local economy. According to reports, at present, Minnan Navel Orange and Shouguang Vegetables all enhance brand benefits through the platform of the new market, and extend the chain of production and sales, which is very beneficial to the development of the market and local industries. The agricultural products are slow-moving and the characteristics of the economy are also developing bottlenecks. When talking about agricultural products, the prices of agricultural products in 2011 can be described by ups and downs. Many star agricultural products that have never been sold have suffered from the slow-moving fate. The characteristic agricultural products are unsalable, and it has become the county economy yesterday. The focus of many county party secretaries and county magistrates on the high-level forum. In 2011, the most popular vocabulary in the agricultural product market was undoubtedly slow-moving. Potatoes, cabbage, persimmons, red dates, ginger, and garlic took turns to stage unsalable sales, and these agricultural products were precisely the pillar industries in many places. In Wuyuan County of Qinghai, in addition to breeding, the most important agricultural product in the local area is the potato, and the potato market last year made the growers very injured. Hu Liangyun, the county magistrate of Wuyuan County, Qinghai Province, told the reporter: We have planted more than 6,000 mu (potato) in the county. The price of potatoes is about 8 cents per year in the previous year. It was about 3 cents last year, so the price of potatoes is very high. Low, basically 80% of the potatoes are slow-moving and cannot be sold. The slow-moving and low-priced agricultural products are not only farmers, but the economy of counties and cities with such characteristics as the industry has also been hit hard. Last year, Bo'ai County in Henan Province faced pressure from farmers to suffer from agricultural plagues and economic losses. Ge Yingyu, secretary of the county party committee of Boai County, Henan Province, told reporters: For example, we have planted Chinese cabbage, we planted tens of thousands of acres, and finally the cabbage was reduced to 8 cents a pound at the lowest, even the cost of the acquisition was not enough. Therefore, the problem of causing vegetable crops and hurting farmers is very prominent. The incident of rape and peasant injury occurred year after year, but it was particularly serious last year. Although all localities have tried their best to solve the problem of slow sales, experts believe that due to the characteristics of agricultural products, it is impossible to solve the problem of cyclical sales in a short time. Zhang Xingwang, deputy director of the Department of Market and Economic Information of the Ministry of Agriculture: In recent years, some places, including some regional localities and some varieties, have experienced the phenomenon of slow sales and sales, but most of them are concentrated in fresh agricultural products. This is caused by the characteristics of the production of fresh agricultural products and the multi-faceted factors that are concentrated in the market. Brand-first information paves the way to create a characteristic order economy. Many farmers' friends and managers of agricultural counties and cities have the same feeling. The slow-moving of agricultural products is a difficult problem for farmers. How to crack the cycle of agricultural products, solve the problem of slow sales, and create a characteristic economy. The practice in some places is also very useful for reference. Let's take a look. Shandong Tengzhou is the hometown of Chinese potato. When many years in China suffered from slow-moving potatoes, it was not affected at all. Dong Tengfeng, secretary of the Tengzhou Municipal Party Committee of Shandong, told the reporter: We use technology to sell our potatoes through quality, anti-season. Effectively avoiding the risks of the market, Tengzhou now has 438 potato cooperatives, enabling farmers to achieve scale operations. Secretary Dong believes that when the supply of agricultural products exceeds demand, only the establishment of a brand can occupy the market. And this view has also received a lot of recognition. Zhang Lijuan, secretary of the county party committee of Hebei Shunping County, told the reporter: Quality is the winning weapon for us to always take the lead in the market. Experts believe that in addition to building brands, agricultural products must be combined with market demand, develop order agriculture, open up logistics links, and guide farmers in planning and development. Li Zuming, director of the Geographical Indications Research Center of China University of Political Science and Law, told reporters: On the characteristic economy, especially in the characteristic regional economy in agriculture, in fact, many of the featured products, its output is certain, then according to scientific management, then this special product, It may be very expensive this year, so next year, strictly speaking, it can only be this output, but it cannot expand production and expand production. In reality, in many places, it may be that this year’s price is relatively high. Then, next year, we may take a lot of methods to expand the scale, and even pull in other places to produce similar products, pretending to sell local goods, then this is a kind of short-sighted behavior, or it is a kind of Less standardized management. Zhang Naiwu, deputy minister of science and technology, said that the government should support it, but relying on this industrial chain, it is necessary to rely on this entrepreneur who is sensitive to the market, and the entrepreneurs and farmers themselves, through this informationization, timely grasp the market information. Farmers can enter the big market more accurately, and then solve these problems through the construction of this series of systems and the application of information means.

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