IGRS layout smart grid

January 19, 2019

“The launch of intelligent power consumption markings means that China’s smart power supply has a clear and unified identification identity, making smart power products an emerging product sequence, helping to promote the formation of a unified intelligent power industry standard.” 12 On the 28th, Sun Yunning, chairman of the IGRS Industry Alliance, said at the launch ceremony of the IGRS smart electricity identification.

Sun Yuning said that the so-called intelligent power supply is through the visual management of the control terminal, so that users can timely and clearly understand the proportion of electricity in different price periods and the proportion of power consumption of each household appliance in 24 hours a day, thus helping users to follow the peaks and valleys. Different electricity prices during the period are reasonable for electricity use. According to the forecast, through the smart electricity service system, users can reduce the electricity cost by more than 5%, and the peak electricity consumption can be reduced by about 10%.

The reporter saw in the smart electricity demonstration at the ceremony site that various household electrical appliances such as televisions, computers, kitchen appliances, refrigerators, etc. were connected to a unified power management terminal. The terminal would distribute electricity on time according to the needs of their families. In order to achieve the highest efficiency. Sun Yuning said that the smart electricity standard is expected to unify the electricity standards of various household appliances and to unify the access methods of electrical appliances and power grids, so as to improve the overall power consumption efficiency from individual households.

It is understood that there is still not a single unified standard for smart electricity use worldwide. According to Liu Jianming, general manager of the State Grid Corporation of Communications, it is an important plan for the national smart grid in 2011 to strengthen the smart electricity pilot. In previous pilots, 38,000 users have begun to use smart electricity, electricity consumption has been greatly reduced, IGRS launched The unified identity is expected to further promote the popularization of smart electricity.

Liu Jianming stated that the promotion and popularization of advanced smart electricity technologies and applications is a key component of smart grid construction. In September 2010, State Grid ICT joined the IGRS Industry Alliance. Its focus was to work with industry alliances to leverage on its platform advantages, establish, modify and improve smart power links, standards for two-way interaction between smart grids and smart appliances, and promote smart electricity use. Standardization work.

According to him, at present, relevant pilot work has been carried out in Wuxi and other places. “Local residents can easily remotely control smart appliances and can clearly understand the power consumption of each appliance. Residents can also avoid using smart appliances with remote control. Peak electricity, so as to achieve the purpose of green and low carbon."

It is reported that members of the IGRS industry alliances such as Midea, Lenovo, TCL, and Hisense have all conducted research and development of related products. Luo Xiaojia, chairman of Guangdong Kangbao Electric Co., Ltd., said that Herbalife has already conducted experiments such as intelligent remote control of its range hoods, disinfection cabinets, and water heaters.

Liu Jianming said that for some old-fashioned home appliances, tasks such as remote control can be achieved through a smart socket with a built-in function module. However, experts in the industry believe that the intelligence of home appliances seems very simple, but in the actual development of the product, it will also face the problem of how to match the embedded system with existing home appliances, because this involves the There is the structure, operation mode, working environment, and usage habits of home appliances. With the development of network technology and the maturation of a series of technological environments such as the Internet of Things, 3G, and triple play, the individualized intelligence of home appliances is still faced with a new research task of changing to integrated intelligence.

Han Zuoliang, director of the China National Light Industry Association's Embedded System Application Committee, believes that in the future, smart home appliances incorporating a series of new technologies such as infrared sensors, global positioning systems, and automatic RF identification will appear more and more in people's daily lives. At the same time, intelligent upgrading of home appliances is an inevitable trend in the future, and the core value of IGRS is that it removes “the most end obstacles” for millions of households on the road to the information age. Through the implantation of the IGRS standard protocol, various 3C terminals can automatically identify and wirelessly communicate with each other. Problems such as driver, port, and network configuration incompatibility between different devices can be solved.

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