Oil maritime safety is essential for emergency equipment

January 20, 2019

Over time, CNOOC’s oil spill in the Bohai Bay has passed, but it has left an indelible shadow. The accident not only caused us to ponder over environmental protection, ecological security and safety systems, but also caused concern about the safety of oil shipping.

Due to the oil tanker hitting the rocks and colliding with each other, oil spills and pollution accidents have occurred continuously, causing a large amount of crude oil to overflow into the sea. Recently, a tanker of the Greek tanker sank in the port of Piraeus in Athens, and the Italian tanker ran aground in bad weather. The issue of oil maritime safety has become a hot spot in the world.

At present, the problems of China's oil shipping, in addition to the limited number of oil tankers, low transport capacity; there are problems in the structure of the ship, in addition, China's oil companies lack cooperation, and have not established a long-term strategic partnership.

Correspondingly, in order to ensure the safety of China's oil shipping, domestically need to accelerate the construction of supertankers and improve the carrying capacity of the fleet; encourage state-owned oil companies to join forces with state-owned shipping companies; in addition, strengthen oil pollution prevention and disposal research, accelerate emergency equipment and The establishment of the mechanism.

When it comes to emergency equipment, we can't help but think of life rafts, life jackets, inflatable lifebuoys, etc. We can use some emergency equipment to ensure life safety in an emergency.

On March 19, Wang Benchuan, general manager of Shandong Yantai Huayang Life-saving Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the International Energy Network at the 12th China International Petroleum, Petrochemical Technology and Equipment Exhibition: "We are tankers, cargo ships and containers for marine navigation. The ship and offshore oil transportation provide ideal life-saving equipment. There are inflatable life jackets and life rafts specially designed for tankers, which have ready-to-use features for the crew to use in emergency situations."

In oil shipping, emergency equipment is essential. Wang Benchuan told this reporter: "We are market-oriented, producing all kinds of marine life-saving equipment, providing security for shipping and other shipping. At present, there are no more than 20 marine life-saving equipment enterprises at home and abroad, due to the transportation of domestic oil shipping fleets. The capacity is small, the size of tanker transportation is not large, and there are many boats and old ships. Therefore, we regard foreign markets as the development focus. But our markets are distributed all over the world."

This shows that domestic marine oil safety needs to be greatly improved. In addition to strengthening cooperation with domestic and foreign shipping companies to increase the amount of oil shipping; we should also strengthen the development of new marine emergency equipment, emergency equipment is the most direct and effective tool to ensure safety.

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