Solar water heater use common question

February 23, 2019

Solar water heater use common question How to determine whether the solar water heater is full?

The general solar water heater has an overflow pipe, which can determine whether the water is full according to whether the overflow pipe is drained or not. In addition, a water level controller may be provided to automatically alarm the water and judge according to the alarm.

When is the best time for solar water heaters?

When there is no water in the vacuum tube, that is, under the condition of air drying, the temperature in the tube can reach about 250°C. At this time, the water in the water tank causes the vacuum tube to burst. Therefore, it must be before the sunrise or the sun goes down when the water tank is waterless or the first time it is on the water. Hours later.

Solar water heaters will not cause harm to the human body? Solar water heaters should pay attention to which aspects of safety?

The use of solar water heaters should pay attention to the use of safety: First, to prevent users scalding, the country has been a few cases of burns in the past two years, burned people often think that solar water temperature will not be too high, in fact, in the summer of solar water heaters The water temperature is often above 80°C. Users often do not pay attention to being burned. It is necessary to pay attention to the cold water stored in the water pipe at the beginning of the water discharge. Once the water in the solar water heater arrives, the temperature will suddenly rise to 80°C. The above causes scalding; the second is to tighten the water heater to prevent the typhoon from blowing it off from the room and causing injury.

Solar water heaters do not use water for a long time, will it be hot?

Vacuum tube solar water heaters have high efficiency. In the summer sunny days, the water temperature can reach the boiling point in less than two days. If water is not used for a long time, such as business trips and travel, the water tank will be under high temperature and high pressure for a long time and will promote sealing. The aging of the ring accelerates the aging and shrinkage of polyurethane, and sometimes the exhaust is not smooth. If the pressure is too high, the tank will swell, and the scale will be reduced, shortening the life of the tank. Therefore, if you are not at home for a long time, you should arrange for others to frequently put hot water and cold water, or place a cover on the vacuum tube collector to block the sunlight, and then remove it after returning home.

Can solar water heaters bathe for several days without using hot water?

Solar water heaters are generally hot water for several days, and they reach above 70°C. Especially in sunny summer weather, the water will boil and will cool down at night, keeping the water temperature at 60°C. The 70°C area is very long, and this temperature area is an excellent temperature for bacteria to multiply in the water. Therefore, if the hot water is not used for several days or long periods, the water quality is poor and the bacteria is too large to be discharged. Do not bathe or burn it. Drinking water such as boiling water, such a water bath is not good for the skin, long-term use of this water bath can cause skin diseases.

Why solar water heaters are used frequently?

After the solar water heater is put into use, it should be used frequently. It is recommended to use 4 to 5 times a day at intervals of less than 4 hours. This is because:

1 For long periods of water use, for users with lower floors, the water used is actually the low-temperature water in the pipeline (the water in the solar water heater stays in the pipeline to cool down); especially in the winter in the north, the outside air temperature is low. , Sometimes reaching below -25°C, the water in the upper and lower water pipes cools quickly. If it is a six-story building, users on the first floor need to let go of a wash basin of cold water each time, which is particularly wasteful. If it is used frequently, it is better.

2 can effectively prevent freezing, so that the upper and lower water pipes always have a heat source, plus the insulation layer, can effectively prevent freezing. In the winter in the north, many people also use the room to slightly open the water heater valve and drip down to prevent freezing.

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