Bonus Floor: Equal emphasis on quality and technology

February 23, 2019

Bonus Floor: Equal emphasis on quality and technology Not long ago, the bonus floor was awarded the title of "The Top Ten Most Favorite Brands of Chinese Flooring" by the consumers. The brand of the bonus floor was favored by more and more consumers and recognized by the same industry. The most critical point is: Always build Outstanding quality and exquisite technology are our responsibility.

Strong corporate strength Zhejiang Honglifu Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale enterprise specializing in R&D, production, and sales of flooring, and it is also one of the most competitive large-scale enterprises in China. It is one of the leading companies in the field of solid wood flooring in China. At the beginning of the 21st century, the company was founded in the southern town of Jiangnan. Through years of rapid development, the company has achieved the "Red Label" middle-to-high end Chinese style series solid wood flooring, Western style series reinforced flooring, and natural style solid wood composite flooring. 7.1 million square meters, ranking the forefront of the industry.

The innovation of advanced manufacturing technology not only increases the technological content of products, increases the value of the brand, but also most importantly solves various problems in the use of consumers. In the initial period of establishment, the bonus floor determined the brand strategy - to create "China's floor capital of the city's leading technology innovation companies", insisted that science and technology innovation led the floor brand, invested heavily in the establishment of a first-class product R & D testing center, with strong technology research and development capabilities And testing capabilities, has been the main research and participation in the development of the "carbonized flexible paint film technology" to solve the industry paint adhesion problems; "crystal shield surface" technology to solve the floor board surface resistance to wear resistance problems; "carbonized antique flooring" The launch triggered a retro wave of flooring.

Strict quality supervision Bonus flooring firmly believes that quality is the life of an enterprise. In the production process, the full-staff participation process is adopted. From selection to drying, from molding to primary selection, from paint decoration to finished products, all links Strict monitoring, and always adhere to the "quality of China's home improvement wood culture classics, technology to create a leading brand in China's flooring industry," the purpose, to create high-quality products, to ensure that every piece of flooring to consumers are qualified qualified products.

Bonus Floor - Helena won the top ten titles. With the spirit of persistent creation, Bonus has achieved the honor of this deserved reputation. The top 10 Chinese floor brands are not just an honor, but also a responsibility, only to assume this responsibility The future will be able to establish a good brand image, as Shen Jianping, chairman of the bonus floor, remarked during the event: It is an honor to receive the “China Top Ten Flooring Brands” award. This is an affirmation and reward for consumers and the industry for the bonus floor. Thank them. In the future, our bonus floor will continue to work hard, continue to uphold the "technology to create a leading brand in China's flooring industry, the quality of China's home improvement wood culture," the purpose of commitment to this magnificent life of landscaping projects. Promote the brand of bonus floor again, give consumers the greatest benefits, and make the greatest contribution to society!

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