Waterproof material plays an important role in urban microcirculation

February 24, 2019

Waterproof material plays an important role in urban microcirculation [China Building Materials Net] Q: Waterproof materials are a topic of increasing public concern and play an important role in the urban microcirculation. As a socially responsible waterproof company, what are the coups that Zhuobao responds to? What do you build for buildings and houses? barrier?

Zou Xianhua: First of all, our R&D aim is to “for the city, for the community, and for the residents”. Zhuobao Technology is the first company in the industry to introduce foreign dry self-adhesive waterproofing membranes, and has independently invented the wet-laid and pre-paved anti-adhesion products, which allows self-adhesive membranes to pass through cement mortar as an economical and environmentally friendly binder. Permanently adheres to the structure. If you want to describe what is a coup, it is in the building of the "skin", the puncture or damage to a minimum, effectively avoid the drowning, plus self-adhesive membrane superior adhesion, elongation, The “self-locking water” performance and self-healing ability have created a reliable, long-lasting, economical, environmentally friendly and convenient waterproof barrier for buildings. This advanced engineering method and materials have been written into national regulations.

[China Building Materials Net] Q: What is the process and characteristics of this kind of waterproof material? As a representative brand of self-adhesive materials in China, how much of its market share is it? Can it be comprehensively promoted to benefit more communities and residents?

Zou Xianhua: For example, reinforcing steel is our bones, concrete is our body, waterproof layer is the skin that attaches to the body. To change the raincoat into skin, we can reduce systemic risks. Our skin waterproofing system was launched in 2004. Now it has a capacity of 120 million square meters nationwide, accounting for about 20% of the market share. Self-adhesive waterproofing membranes have been the first in the country for more than ten consecutive years. Now, Evergrande, Vanke and China Resources Land have all cooperated with us. Through the application of residential projects, our above-mentioned waterproof products play a significant role and benefit home buyers and residents.

[China Building Material Network] Q: How can the community drainage system actually assume most of the functions of the city's micro-circulation? How can we block these loopholes? Why does Zhuobao Technology want to play the role of corporate citizen in this field?

Zou Xianhua: The city's microcirculation system is very important. It is related to the city's micro-degradation, micro-impact, and the establishment of ecological cities and safe communities. In the past few years, frequent heavy rains in various places have caused casualties and property losses caused by water retention. This is the problem of the inconsistent micro-circulatory system in the city. In addition to the insufficiency of the existing municipal drainage network, the urban hardened ground The increase also led to the impenetrability of rainwater. For this reason, Zhuobao Science and Technology has developed a “dump” siphon rainwater system for roof drainage systems, a “Weifang” kitchen and toilet drainage system for beneficial microcirculation, and independent intellectual property rights for defects in the shortage of microcirculation facilities. The "siphon rain bucket", "Pipeline fixing system" and other patents. In the past ten years, it has been implemented in hundreds of key project projects at home and abroad and achieved very good results.

Regarding the spirit of corporate citizenship, I think the best way is to practice it. Otherwise, it is empty talk. Zhuobao science and technology conforms to low-carbon lifestyle research and development of exterior wall decoration insulation waterproof integrated system, not only waterproof performance, energy-saving emission reduction function is stronger, also by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development as "2010 national construction industry scientific and technological achievements promotion Projects" and won the title of "China Green Energy Building Materials Products". If all companies can have a sense of honor and have a humility attitude toward social returns, then a "responsible industry" and "responsible society" will emerge.

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