The Central Plains Economic Zone plans to issue "two no three new"

February 24, 2019

On the second day of the opening of the 18th National Development Road , the State Council approved the "Central Plains Economic Zone Plan", which is another major measure to promote the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone after the country issued guidance. The development path of “two differents and three new developments” proposed by the Henan Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government in recent years has also risen to become an important part of the guiding ideology of the Central Plains Economic Zone, that is, to explore new urbanization without sacrificing agriculture and food, ecology and the environment. The path of coordinated development of industrialization and agricultural modernization. The Central Plains Economic Zone is based on the key development zones with clear plans for the main functional zones of the country, supported by the Central Plains urban agglomerations, covering the entire province of Henan and extending to the surrounding economic regions. The geographical position is important, the grain advantage is outstanding, and the market potential is huge. The foundation is profound and has an important strategic position in the overall situation of national reform and development. The plan clarifies the specific scope of the Central Plains economic zone, including parts of Henan Province, Hebei, Shanxi, Anhui, Shandong and other provinces. The plan proposes that the Central Plains Economic Zone must boldly explore, innovate institutional mechanisms, accelerate the transformation of economic development mode, strengthen the leading role of new urbanization, the leading role of new industrialization, and the basic role of new agricultural modernization, and strive to create a new situation of coordinated scientific development of the "three transformations". At the same time, it further clarified the five strategic positioning of the Central Plains Economic Zone: the country's important grain production and modern agricultural bases, the national “three-oriented” coordinated development demonstration zone, the country's important economic growth sector, the strategic fulcrum of regional coordinated development across the country, and important Modern integrated transportation hub, China's historical civilization and inheritance innovation zone. The plan also proposes the development goals of the Central Plains Economic Zone for major indicators such as economic development, structural adjustment, resource and environment, and improvement of people's livelihood (see attached table). The planning content also includes promoting the “three-oriented” coordination, regional linkage development, strengthening environmental protection, improving people's livelihood, and policy support. The implementation of the plan has made the objectives and tasks of the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone more clear, the development layout is clearer, and the policy support is more powerful, marking the entry of the Central Plains economic zone into a new stage of overall promotion and comprehensive implementation. Lower energy consumption, higher income, per capita GDP, 2011, 26,317 yuan, 2015, 38,000 yuan, 2020, 60,000 yuan, energy consumption per unit of GDP, 2015, 16% lower than 2010, 2020, 30 years lower than 2010. Percentage of urban per capita disposable income 2011 17813 yuan 2020 38,000 yuan per capita net income of farmers 6629 yuan 2020 16000 yuan


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